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Lawsuits filed

(Filings for May 8-12)

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. vs. Jeffrey E. Maurer, Brenda L. Maurer and Unknown Tenant 1 (real property).

Midfirst Bank (As Assignee) vs. Gladys Meeks and Unknown Tenant 1 (real property).

Roma Stone vs. Louis Baker, Diana MacCannon and Christopher Lee MacCannon (auto negligence).

David L. Millette vs. Michael Harragan, Shannon K. Harragan and Hernando County (real property).

Bank of America NA vs. Gregory Lee Gruner and Diane Marie Gruner (contract and indebtedness).

Matthew Christopher Madsen and Valarie Patricia Panaro vs. Matthew Christopher Panaro (other domestic relations).

Norwest Bank Minnesota National and National Association vs. Edward Monkewicz, Jane Doe Monkewicz, Carol Monkewicz, John Doe Monkewicz, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Bank One NA vs. Henry W. Rucki, Sandra Rucki, Seven Hills Homeowners Association and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

April E. Shutter vs. Daniel P. Shutter (UIFSA support).

Frank M. Casey and Barbara D. Casey vs. Uberto Castillo Cotto, Unknown Parties, Petra Cotto Ortiz, Petronila Cotto Ortiz, Reinot Castillo Cotto, Reynold Castillo Cotto and Reynaldo G. Castillo (other).

David L. Wiggin Jr. vs. David Dr. Dave Wiggin Jr. (other domestic relations).

James M. Crowley vs. Theresa Bunker (child support).

Yulonda Y. Mathis vs. Allena Williams (child support).

BA Mortgage LLC, NationsBanc Mortgage Corp., Barnett Bank NA and Barnett Bank of the Suncoast NA vs. Michael A. Couch, Unknown Spouse, John Doe and Mary Doe (real property).

Firstar Bank NA, Star Bank NA and Trans Financial Mortgage Co. vs. Raymond M. Fatic andUnknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Lasalle National Bank as Trustee vs. William C. Cooley, Annie R. Cooley, Tenant 1 and Tenant 2 (real property).

Greenpoint Credit LLC and BankAmerica Housing Services (Replevins).

Bank of America NA, NationsBank NA, Nations Bank NA South and NationsBank of Florida NA vs. Arthur L. Leblanc and Patricia M. Leblanc (real property).

Manufacturers and Traders Company vs. Dennis R. Deblasis, Virginia A. Deblasis, Seven Hills Homeowners Association, Unknown Parties, Tenant 1, Tenant 2, Tenant 3 and Tenant 4 (real property).

Mildred Lawrence vs. Kmart Corp. (other negligence).

Anthony Passafiume and Shirley Passafiume vs. Philip J. Ferranto and Philip Jude Ferranto (auto negligence).

Bankers Trust Co. of California as Trustee vs. Richard L. Zartman and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

CTX Mortgage Co. vs. William Philippus Jr., Angeleake M. Martin, Angeleake Philippus, Equicredit Corp. of America and Unknown Tenants/Owner (real property).

General Motors Acceptance Corp. vs. Donto Construction Co. Inc., Donald P. Siciliano and Donald Siciliano (Replevins).

James A. Iaccheri vs. Virginia M. Hanson (other domestic relations).

Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Peter Delarosa, Tracey L. Delarosa, Tracey Lynne Stromberg and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Frederick H. Farrell, Marian E. Farrell, Conseco Finance Servicing Corp., Green Tree Financial Servicing, Tenant 1, Tenant 2, Tenant 3 and Tenant 4 (real property).

Patricia Holcomb vs. Megan A. Holcomb (child support).

Bank One NA vs. Jeff M. Plate (other).


(Filings for May 8-12)

Sam Donadio and Rose Donadio vs. Dorothy A. Carter (auto negligence).

Terra Farris and Terra Farris vs. Hernando Oil and Gas Inc., Bruce Levy and Bruce Levy (other).

The CIT Group/Sales Financing and CTI Financial Services Corp. vs. Kathleen E. Wilson (Deceased) and Michael Wilson (other).

Dalvis Marcum vs. Liberty National Life Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

Barnett Bank vs. Stacie Lynn McClusky, Stacie Kepic, Robert Dale McClusky III, Hernando County and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Firstmerit Bank NA, Signal Bank National Association, First Federal Savings and Loan Association and Firststar Trust Co. vs. Daniel S. Mills and Tricia A. Mills-Mitchell (Replevins).

First Union National Bank, First Union National Bank of Florida and Bank of Pasco County vs. James B. Hall, Andrea S. Hall, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).


(Filings for May 8-12)

Midfirst Bank vs. David P. Salgado, Magrit B. Salgado and Unknown Tenant/Owners (real property).

Bank of America NA, NationsBank NA, Barnett Bank NA and Barnett Bank of Pasco County vs. Richard Boyko, Robin Boyko and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Barbara Joy Miedama vs. Barbara Joy (other domestic relations).

Dissolutions of marriage

(Filings for May 8-12)

Donald J. Scott II vs. Jennifer L. Scott.

Larry Taylor vs. Joy Ann Taylor.

Sandra Lynne Olejniczak vs. Robert Michael Olejniczak.

Kenneth P. Zimmerman vs. Victoria Shenise.

Craig A. Cocchi vs. Julie K. Cocchi.

Sharon Rebecca Jarvis vs. Joseph Willam Jarvis Sr.

Debra Adele Arbuckle vs. Thomas Floyd Arbuckle.

Peter R. Ciucci vs. Gabrielle A. Cuicci.

Edward H. McCarty vs. Tracy Lynn McCarty.

Vivian Jacquez vs. Ricardo Jacquez.

Catherine Ann Leedy vs. Roy C. Leedy.

Deborah C. Bronson vs. John Paul Bronson.

Patrick D. Deal vs. Sheryl L. Deal.


(Filings for May 8-12)

Timothy J. Smiley and Crystal Smiley vs. Crystal Smiley and Tim Smiley.

Carolyn A. Owens vs. Albert L. Owens.

Lana Kathryn Pilgrim vs. Jerry Eugene Pilgrim Jr.

Danielle J. Walker vs. Jason C. Walker.

Peter Martinez vs. Donna M. Martinez.

Richard Everett Carlson vs. Alice M. Carlson.

Deanna J. Ferguson vs. Troy Eric Ferguson.

Marlene E. Rizzo vs. Richard P. Rizzo.

Diane M. Krusher vs. John D. Krusher Jr.

James D. Cather vs. Jane A. Cather.

John J. Gerrity vs. Emma C. Gerrity.

Migdalia Lebron vs. Samuel Lebron.

Patricia A. Hughes-Hines vs. Elza E. Hines.

Daniel O. Burns vs. Laura S. Burns.

Marie Rodakis vs. George Rodakis.

Amy Wimberley vs. James L. Wimberley Jr.

Marriage license applications

(Filings for May 8-12)

William James Naylor, Jr. and Stacey Lynne Thomas, both of Spring Hill.

Daniel Wesley Gaudig, Jr. and Krystal Capri Chairamonte, both of Brooksville.

Mark Alan Denner and Marjorie Phyllis Watkins, both of Weeki Wachee.

William Michael Day of Raymond, Miss. and Kathleen Marie Long of Weeki Wachee.

Robert James Breiner and Sandra Lynn Carlson, both of Spring Hill.

George Henry Pappas and Nicole Marie Nunziata, both of Spring Hill.

Revill Sanders Macgregor of Dallas, Texas and Katie Snow Sullivan of Brooksville.

Michael Alan Wethington and Penny Sue Kerns, both of Brooksville.

Dennis Gregory Huntley of Brooksville and Beth Kathleen Bond of Masaryktown.

Chriswell Joseph Kelbaugh and Chevonne Rose Williams, both of Brooksville.

James Darrell Spaulding and Michelle Lynne Torre, both of Spring Hill.

Raymond Aphonso Maglione Sr. and Roseann Stephanie Ulto, both of Spring Hill.

Ronald William Krohn and Christine Ann Widner, both of Spring Hill.

James David Lewis and Janet Leigh Toth, both of Brooksville.

Joseph Carmen Porto of Bridgeport, Conn. and Susan Theresa Deicicchi of Milford, Conn.

Larry Ray Bennett and Nicole Nelson, both of Brooksville.

Ernest Carl Wohlleben and Joan Marie Lanterman, both of Spring Hill.

Michael John Piotrowski and Karen Joyce Riddle, both of Spring Hill.

Christopher Paul Perrigo and Sue Elizabeth Volpe, both of Brooksville.