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Bubba deserves credit, not criticism

Editor: Re: Planet Bubba:

I have lived in Spring Hill for many years. I have seen uproars about a lot of things, but this has gone on long enough.

There are many clubs dotting Spring Hill, and many have live entertainment or loud music of some sort. Many of these establishments are in the vicinity of the neighborhoods where people live near enough to hear the music. But there's never been a complaint like this one.

Has anyone gone there to eat at his restaurant? The food is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable. The music doesn't play until way after dinner time. The wait staff is attentive and pleasant.

Our young people need a place to go and enjoy themselves locally. Ybor City or anything else is too far away and too dangerous.

(Todd Clem) Bubba is a very savvy fellow. He is trying to survive in a very tough, competitive business and is succeeding. Instead of complaining, give him the credit he deserves for all he has accomplished.

Keep up the good fight, Bubba. Everyone in Spring Hill is not against you.

Candy Conner, Spring Hill

Commissioners' decisions

go against Constitution

Editor: One of the oaths citizens of the United States of America take when registering to vote is that we will defend the United States Constitution.

Why is it that the people we elect to office, mainly our county commissioners, often make decisions that infringe on our constitutional rights and often lead to lawsuits, wasting our tax dollars, and also use our tax dollars appealing judges' decisions, which defend our constitutional rights? Are we not all supposed to be on the same side? I could think of more important things to spend our tax dollars on.

The U.S. Constitution may not be perfect, but it's the best thing we have. Without the rights our forefathers gave to us, we have nothing. Let's think about this at election time and only elect people who stand for the Constitution.

Joan Anderson, Spring Hill