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'N Sync: "What music is about'

(ran TP edition)

It was love at first sight that day on The Pier in St. Petersburg for the Fourth of July celebration.

I was only 11, but I knew that what I was hearing was good stuff. I got a chance to see "N Sync before anyone else even knew who they were. Other girls were waiting for the other act, but nothing could compare to the soothing sound of 'N Sync.

I know exactly why I have become such a diehard fan. They are what music is about. They are not fakes put together to make some label look good; they're all natural, baby!

What's not to love about them, especially J.C.? With his cool, deep blue eyes and his charismatic voice, it's no wonder so much of my walls are taken up with his pictures.

Other bands have done this before. The Bradys, the Cars, and of course, Hanson. But they all disappeared. They are gone.

Why? They were not true to their craft.

I love 'N Sync because of all the effort they put into giving a good show and in making super videos. I'm not one of those girls who just falls in love with a group because they're cute and every girl wants them. To truly love a group you have to look beyond the face and into their souls.

'N Sync is the sweetest group in the world. To be willing to go on MTV's Fanatic as many times as they have, you know they are devoted to their fans.

I think the biggest reason why I became such a huge fan of 'N Sync was because of all the charity games and fund-raisers they do.

So many stars take for granted what they have: good looks, money, health. But not 'N Sync. They know how fortunate they are and are always ready to help anybody not as lucky as they are. So, 'N Sync, if you ever read this, I just want to let you know that even when I am 40 I will still buy your albums and your posters because I know that you guys will be around forever. I love you guys!

Ariel Kerr goes to Sickles High School in North Tampa. She is now 16.