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The Big Kahuna (R) (96 min.) B _ Oscar winner Kevin Spacey (who also produced the film) plays a pushy marketer of industrial lubricants at a Wichita convention. Danny DeVito co-stars as his disillusioned partner, and Peter Facinelli is fine as a boyish, born-again antagonist to them both. This stagy character study has solid performances and a telling script but may be too confined for mainstream tastes. Harsh profanity, no sex or nudity, one brief scuffle and harsh talk about religion.

Dinosaur (PG) (82 min.) A- _ Walt Disney Pictures takes another leap in animation technology and almost leaves storytelling behind. Real-life backgrounds and computer-generated dinosaurs are seamlessly blended in the story of Aladar (voice of D.B. Sweeney), a friendly iguanodon on a trek for survival after a cataclysmic meteor shower. The visuals and James Newton Howard's ceaseless musical score are terrific. No nudity, profanity or sex, except a humorously discreet mating scene. Violence has a Jurassic Park intensity that could scare young viewers.

Road Trip (R) (95 min.) _ MTV's resident lunatic, Tom Green, gets his first starring role in a movie. Green plays one of several college pranksters on a road trip to retrieve an incriminating porn videotape. This one looks inspired by Animal House for youthful rebellion and American Pie for tastelessness.

Small Time Crooks (PG) (95 min.) --- _ Woody Allen returns to the inspired wit of Take the Money and Run in this caper comedy. He plays a bank robber pulled out of retirement by the gang that couldn't think straight, including Jon Lovitz, Hugh Grant and Tracey Ullman. Minor profanity, some sexual references, as usual, in Allen's one-liners.

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