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Be patient; your request is in the works

Before we get down to our weekly quest and query, it may be a good time to repeat information we trot out periodically to help you succeed in your quests. We prefer (as long as we can manage it, at least) to get just about everyone's request in print, which means that we always have a backlog no matter what number of letters we receive.

This isn't an ideal situation, but it keeps us from having to decide arbitrarily which requests do and don't get into the column. All of them are important to their writers, after all. What our writers must remember is that Exchange Central's open-door policy means it will take six to eight weeks before we get to your letter, so hang on; we'll get to you as soon as we can.

"Please expedite," is written on the envelope from Tina Thomas of St. Petersburg, who will be returning North on June 10 and wants to be certain that our readers can take advantage of her "giveaway" before it's too late. She has three pairs of 6-foot bifold doors in fabulous shape if you need them for your home. The doors are all white and come with the hardware for installation. If you can use these doors. please call Tina at (727) 526-1991.

Marjorie McDonald is planning for her parents' 50th anniversary and would love to present them with a 1917 book titled The Child's World, Primer, about Baby Ray. Marjorie has been searching the Web and has sent numerous e-mails and made many calls without luck. Please give her a call at (727) 384-1968 if you can help.

Evelyn Peters of Palm Harbor hopes you will be able to help her replace her trusty mop. Well, perhaps "mop" isn't the best term to describe this implement, which Evelyn calls "a foam rubber broom." Whichever, Evelyn has used it for more than 10 years. It has a 10-inch by 3-inch foam rubber strip enclosed in an aluminum frame, which is attached to the handle with screw and nut.

On the wooden handle is a sticker that says: "The Fabulous Joy Sweep wet or dry broom. Gen. S. Leiner and Co., New York, N.Y. Phone 297-5454." Have you seen a mop such as this for sale anywhere? Please phone any clues that you may have to Evelyn at (727) 787-2084.

When Jay Holmes of Spring Hill inherited an old Singer sewing machine without instructions, our readers came to the rescue, so Jay is quite sure they are up to another, larger challenge. His Canon E57 8-millimeter video camcorder will not record but will play. If someone has the same kind of machine, but it will record and not play, Jay would like to try their recording circuit board in his machine. Please call (352) 686-2470 if you have information or suggestions for Jay.

Nearly 60 years ago, says Margaret Kadel of Safety Harbor, her husband made 78 rpm records of the family singing and speaking. For years she has been trying to find a machine on which to play them, to no avail. She can't afford an expensive antique, but, if someone has a small record player that will play 78s, she will gladly take it off your hands. As Margaret says, "It would give me so much pleasure to hear family and friends singing once again, especially my dad and me performing duets."Margaret may be reached at (727) 726-2521.

Nancy Schafer of St. Petersburg has one too many TV sets. One of them is a 42-inch Pioneer projection TV that needs repair. She hopes that a worthwhile organization with a connection to someone who can do TV repairs will take the television. Since Nancy has bought a new set rather than having the old one repaired, the latter is just sitting in a spare room collecting dust. P.S., says Nancy: She is still looking for at least one string of flamingo lights. Nancy is waiting for your call at (727) 521-4444.

The motor on the Cuisinart belonging to Sue of St. Petersburg has gone to appliance heaven, but she is left with several perfectly good accessories that she will give the first caller to (727) 867-8267, and take note, please: The accessories are for the CFP models; they are not compatible with Cuisinarts currently on the market.

Last week, we printed an incorrect e-mail address for Fay Bateholts, who is looking for Haslam Products Co. red and white American Plastic Bricks. Her correct address is

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, Home & Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Only questions of general interest will be answered. Requests will be accepted only by mail; no phoned requests, please. Except in unusual circumstances, readers must agree to publication of phone numbers (please include the area code) to be considered for the column.