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This Klansman had better have deep pockets in his white robe

Published Sep. 27, 2005

A self-described "chaplain" of the Ku Klux Klan will pay part of his income and publicly apologize to a woman and her daughter who felt terrorized by his actions, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced.

Bonnie Jouhari and her daughter, Pilar Danielle Horton, fled Reading, Pa., for Seattle after allegedly being harassed by Roy Frankhouser and his group, United Klans of America. Jouhari, who is white, had helped people file housing discrimination complaints with a HUD-funded group in Pennsylvania, HUD said.

In her complaint, Jouhari said that in 1998 a flyer was placed on her car that said "Race Traitor Beware" and pictured a Klansman with a noose. She also said Frankhouser regularly sat on a bench outside her office and took photographs of her. She said she also received threatening phone calls.

As part of the settlement agreement, Frankhouser agreed to pay 5 percent of his annual income to Jouhari and 5 percent to her daughter for 10 years; publicly apologize to them on his public-access cable television show, White Forum; display a HUD fair housing poster on the exterior of his house; broadcast fair housing public service announcements at the end of his TV show; refrain from making comments or adding disclaimers disparaging fair housing rights; attend 80 hours of sensitivity training; and, for the rest of his life, refrain from referring to Jouhari or her daughter on his show, or in any other forum, and stay 100 feet away from her and her family.


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