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Flash! IU officials say Knight has a temper

Published Sep. 27, 2005

That sweet, laid-back man who coaches basketball at Indiana University, whom we all lovingly refer to as "Bobby," is accused of mistreating his players? Come on now, next they will accuse him of arguing referees' calls, or throwing chairs, or having an altercation with the police in Puerto Rico, or even losing his temper once or twice in his coaching career.

Could it be that the trustees at IU will believe all of these obviously "trumped up" charges and take action?

Of course, before they can take any action, they will have to come back from whatever planet they have been living on for the last 20-odd years.

Fred W. Otten


Keeping Bobby Knight sends the wrong message to everyone. Abuse of anyone is not right. The decision to keep him at Indiana was a purely financial one for the university. For columnist Hubert Mizell to agree to his stay is jumping on the Indiana bandwagon (Knight deserves to stay, May 16) _ the one with broken wheels.

C.G. Crafton Jr.


A case for counseling

I'm disappointed Indiana University didn't insist that Bob Knight gets some serious counseling in anger management. All types of addicts say they are sorry, but this guy needs some big-league help. In my opinion, the successful completion of this therapy should have been tied to him retaining his position. If they were serious, he would have been suspended pending this completion.

It is tough not to buy a lot of the positives of Knight, but all of the instances that have been made public would beg the question, "What else is in the closet?" I still shudder as I see that chair go across the floor. I guarantee he didn't get away with that behavior at West Point.

E.J. McGarry

Redington Shores

Too little intervention

Like many "successful" coaches and athletes, Bobby Knight has enjoyed immunity from standards of conduct and decency by which normal people are judged. This has, in some cases, even reached the point of reverence, a la Dick Vitale. Overshadowing his statistics, his lack of self control has made him an embarrassment to IU and the game of basketball for many years. I join Hubert Mizell in hoping for his reformation.

Fred G. Breitling

Palm Harbor

Ex-Ray Martinez missed

We don't pretend to understand the business of baseball, but we were truly saddened to hear that Dave Martinez was traded to Chicago (Rays send Martinez to Cubs for relief help, May 13).

We agree with Mike DiFelice that Dave is one of the nice guys. We do understand that a baseball team cannot be built successfully with just "nice guys," but we sure lost a good one in Dave.

Anne and Paul Kluga

Safety Harbor

Bedeviling points

Arthur Yedowitz of Pinellas Park wrote recently that he "always had a strong feeling that divine providence would never bless a team with a satanic name," in reference to the struggles of the Devil Rays (Name change is justwhat the Rays need, May 14). Yedowitz is ignorant to the following facts:

1. The Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team won national championships in 1991-92.

2. The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup in 1995.

3. The Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels have the worst winning percentage of all active teams in existence before 1993 that have not won a playoff series.

For comedic purposes, we can't wait for Yedowitz to try to convince Larry Rothschild that Roberto Hernandez has become ineffective due to possession by the Devil himself. How else could you possibly explain the 1999 All-Star reliever's 6.66 earned-run average?

Todd Wright

St. Petersburg

Public skate park needed

I am 12 years old and a skateboarder and I think we need a public skate park in our county. Too many people can't afford to go to a private skate park. If the people want us off the streets, they need to build us skateboarders a skate park.

Some people think skateboarders are thugs, but really we are good students. I happen to be a Boy Scout, a soccer player and a Big Brother. I also make good grades and don't get into trouble. So all we skateboarders are asking for is a public skate park just like the basketball, soccer and baseball players have.

Nick Brengle


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