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Give "tasteful, wholesome' Suds and Jugs a chance

Editor: Re: Carwash may turn into something else, May 10 letter to the editor:

As a female carwash attendant and one of the operators of the bikini carwash, Suds and Jugs, I would like to respond. It seems people today are too quick to judge and just start attacking. There are three strip clubs less than 20 miles from our county and they seem to be more accepted than a bikini carwash. Our plan was to bring something fun and new to Hernando County for all car lovers, male or female.

Since we have introduced the carwash to Spring Hill, people have already started to complain and attack. I can assure you the operator who was interviewed in the Times article is a very honest, hard-working male. He is an assistant manager for a well-known grocery chain for 12 years.

Our carwash attendants will not be on the cars flaunting and rolling around in soap suds, like human sponges. Because of the family restaurant that is located next door to the carwash, attendants will only be seen inside the bays while the car is being washed. Also, if our attendants feel more comfortable wearing shorts over their bikini bottoms, that is fine. We are not forcing our employees to wear a bikini.

Everyone who has applied has been interviewed and it will continue that way, regardless of sex, age or race. We have had applicants ages 17 to 50. Four males applied and three were hired, two for security and one for management.

If the article offended you in any way or gave you "bad vibes," I apologize, but it should not keep those who are interested from the chance to see how our carwash is run.

This operation will be run in a very professional, tasteful and wholesome manner.

Farrah Hess, Spring Hill

We should follow example

of visitor and his grandson

Editor: Recently while I was checking on a lot I just sold on Gulf Winds Circle in Hernando Beach, a gentleman with a short, gray beard, wearing a straw hat and carrying a bulging trash bag over his shoulder, stopped by to chat. He was accompanied by his 8-year-old grandson, Riley. The gentleman said he was from Branson, Mo., and was here visiting Riley's family.

I asked what they were doing. He said he and his grandson had been over to one of the lots along the canal and were picking up beer bottles and garbage left behind by others. Concern was voiced about pride of environment and consideration for such a beautiful place.

What surprised me was that here was a visitor who had such an appreciation for the environment and its beauty that he and his grandson chose to labor over someone else's inconsideration.

We had a friendly chat, and before they walked away I looked into Riley's penetrating brown eyes and said that if more people would be like him this would be a better world. Then I stopped for a second and corrected myself. "Excuse my oversight," I told him. "Because of you and your grandfather this is a better world."

Yes, Riley and Grandpa, it is nice to know there are people looking out for us here on the beach. I just kind of wish there were more like you. There certainly is a lesson in it for me. When I see a bottle or a piece of paper or any bit of trash lying around any part of the road or area, it's my duty to pick it up. The example given to me by my young neighbor Riley Lindner and his thoughtful grandpa, Richard Groves, is certainly enough to make me a more conscientious caretaker of my own neighborhood.

W. Lance Sutter, Hernando Beach

Middle school computers

no bargain for families

Editor: Re: Price of laptops for middle school students soaring, May 11 Hernando Times:

My wife and I attended the informational meeting at Fox Chapel Middle School and got there about two minutes late (my fault). There was a person already into the program who I thought was a computer salesman, but he turned out to be a teacher. It seemed to us to be a hard sell to get people to purchase a computer on a long-term plan of $45 per month for 36 months.

We had just purchased a family computer with all the bells and whistles for a lot less than this laptop. We also were miffed by a plan that lets us buy the computer only from a vendor yet to be named, even if we could purchase the same computer from another source.

We are not against a progressive school system; we are very much in favor of the use of these computers. We also are in favor of school sports, which are funded by our tax dollars. If the school district can fund athletics activities, it can fund the computer programs in the school district.

Joe and Kerry Maimone, Spring Hill