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Knight columns are lauded, lambasted

Having earned my MA from Indiana University, I can tell you Bob Knight is a coward to intimidate with acts of violence. A disgrace who should be fired. Maybe at IU he's some god. Elsewhere he is seen for what he is, a coward.

John Szabo


I grew up in Bloomington. My cousin is Tom Abernethy, a starter on the 1976 national championship basketball team. Our family cares deeply for Bob Knight, much more as a person than as IU basketball coach.

It breaks our hearts to see this man we know as caring, honest and decent to be so attacked in an unfair manner. Knight is not perfect but I could tell you wilder stuff from the '70s that sissy boy Neil Reed couldn't imagine.

Jim Wolff


If Bobby Knight were a modern athlete he would be labeled a thug. Your attitude regarding his behavior is softer than an Ahmad Rashad interview with Michael Jordan.

Brad Scherr


You say Bob Knight should be allowed to stay. You blow off the video of what the General did to Neil Reed on justification that Reed isn't that good a person.

In the Marine Corps, where they also turn boys into men with stern discipline, if there was a video of a drill instructor choking a recruit, even if the recruit was a dirt bag, that DI would be gone.

Hugh S. Kearney III


Always read your works on Knight, which are among the best. I am not a proponent, not a detractor, just a fan and university employee. He and I came to IU the same year, 1971. Met him only three times.

As an adviser and counselor, I hear a lot of stories about a lot of basketball players. There was most definitely a "smoking gun" near Reed and (Luke) Recker. Talk to Reed's coach in Mississippi. Talk to players in the Big Ten who were easily able to score on Recker.

Roger Gildersleeve

Bloomington, Ind.

I have long been a fan of your reflections on games and people. In that context, your column on Bob Knight was a disgrace. You choose to view him as a man requiring adjustment of just 2 percent. Neil Reed is brushed aside as a twerp. That may be accurate, or maybe it says Reed needs to adjust by only 5 to 10 percent.

Your characterization makes the many monosynaptic lemmings that berate players somehow believe they can be molded to men in less harsh environments created by the likes of Lute Olson (Luke Recker) and Bobby Cremins (Jason Collier).

Scott Schurman

St. Petersburg

I could tell dozens of stories to demonstrate Bob Knight's enormous heart. He has always been very good to the state of Indiana. Generous almost to a fault.

Knight's incident with Reed may have crossed the line, but did not warrant such a media onslaught. Not enough, on its own, to warrant termination. I appreciated the fairness of your piece.

Scott E. Hartig

Evansville, Ind.

Why don't you move the hell to Bloomington so you can be Knight's next door neighbor? Maybe he'll come over, borrow a cup of sugar and kick you in the groin.

I'm no athlete. Jocks generally stink in my book. My housemate showed me your Knight column. Otherwise, I don't read anything on sports, although the Knight issue is unavoidable on TV news. This man is a bully beyond repair.

Kent Taylor

Palm Harbor

Best article I've read on Knight's new rules. Absolutely wonderful. I totally agree. I am a Hoosier. You sound like one. We will come through this and I am glad the General is as smart as he is sometimes mean.

Cathy Weidner

Elkhart, Ind.

Snap on my helmet and open my arms, I've never had such a balanced reaction to a column. No, I'm not a Hoosier. Neutrals are difficult to find on R.M. Knight. Reactions are voluminous. I've had 61 communications: 32 pro-Knight, 23 anti, a half-dozen neutrals. A diversity of voices on a complex man.

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