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Let your hair grow, love flow

My sister, Chris Kelly, who lives in Jacksonville, came to Inverness this past Easter. She was wearing her hair rather longish, which I thought was just fine.

Our mom, though, prefers shorter cuts on her daughters over age 40 (which is six out of seven of us). Chris (one of the over 40) felt compelled to explain to Mom why she was sporting such long locks.

She had heard of Locks of Love, she explained, and was growing her hair for wigs made for children undergoing cancer treatment. I thought that was a lovely idea and gave it serious consideration myself.

Well, I've decided to do it, but I also figure, like Chris, that I'll have a lot of explaining to do as my hair gets longer and I become scraggly looking. So please know that I am becoming a longhair for a good cause. But I'm now wondering if I have to do this alone.

Why not join me? I challenge Citrus Times readers to become longhairs for a noble cause. In about a year, when it gets long enough, we'll gather to have a clip-off for Locks of Love.

Give me a call (860-7305), drop me a note (301 W Main St., Inverness, FL 33450) or send me an e-mail ( and let me know if you'll join me in this effort.