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Paralyzed player realizes a dream

In 1995, 11 seconds into his first college hockey game, Boston University's Travis Roy leapt off the bench, raced to the corner, brushed into a North Dakota player and crashed headfirst into the boards. He did not move. Roy, it turned out, was paralyzed from his shoulders down, able only to move his right arm slightly. Unable to realize his potential on the ice, Roy transferred his dedication to the classroom. Today, he leaves BU with a degree in communications. Roy says he's struggling to find his path. But he knows one thing for sure: "I was a hockey player and now I'm not, but I'm still the same Travis Roy. I'm still the same kid my parents knew."

But will they serve

breakfast in bed?

The Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Strathfield has come up with a divine plan: Rent part of its facility for the Olympics. The Telstra company will move 60 staff members into the church's dormitories, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Father Brian Lucas says it's just good business. And we thought they were doing it to be good Christians.


"There were people out there trying to get us fired. I took this personally. This is my family you're messing with."


Indiana assistant basketball coach and younger son of Bob