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Factory warranty deadline looms

Published Sep. 27, 2005

I bought a new manufactured home from Wayne Frier Homes of Hudson in August, and I have had many problems with the home, including a loose toilet in the master bath, shower doors that fell off in the master bath, a scratched skylight dome, a broken back door, some windows that are hard to open and a house that is not level.

Wayne Frier will not come out and fix the problems, even though I have called more than 42 times. I paid more than $29,000 for this home. It's not even 9 months old.

I'm disgusted. Is there anything you can do about this? Kathy Gibson

Response: Ron Woodward, in the service department of Wayne Frier Homes of Hudson, said he has talked with you several times about your concerns. He contacted the factory, General Homes, on your behalf, and it sent a service crew to your home.

You signed off on the work order, and your remarks on the follow-up customer survey indicate that all things were completed to your satisfaction with the exception of the skylight, but the service crew found no problem with the skylight.

Woodward said you also added items to the original work order, and they were completed as well. Had there been any other problems, the factory crew would have addressed them while it was at your home.

Woodward said you have been informed several times that, since the factory serviced your home directly, Wayne Frier Homes would be glad to pass on to the factory any further work covered under the warranty. You have also been given its 800 number to call. To his knowledge, he said you have not done so, preferring instead to contact Action.

Since your warranty expires in July, he advised you to contact General Homes immediately to get in, before expiration, your request for service. He said Wayne Frier is happy to assist its homeowners in dealing with the factory, but the homeowners need to help in following through on requests.

Refund received

I received a bill from Reader's Digest for $23.82, which I paid on March 6 by check. Two weeks later I received another bill for the same amount. Thinking that the first check might have been lost in the mail, I sent another check. Both checks were cashed.

I have written to ask for a refund of $23.82 but have had no response. Zachary Litrakis

Response: Thanks for letting us know you got your refund.

Account balance: 0

In September, I telephoned DirecTV, notified it that we were leaving Connecticut on Oct. 10 and requested that our service be turned off on that date. On Sept. 30, we received a bill for the full month of October.

We prorated the charge for nine days of service and sent in a check for $9.09. It was cashed. There was no comment, and we assumed that our check had been accepted as payment in full.

The next bill was for Oct. 9-31 and the month of November. We wrote a letter to DirecTV's office in Los Angeles stating that the bill was in error. The company sent no reply other than another bill for Oct. 9-31. The charge for November had been dropped.

We wrote another letter on Jan. 21 to the billing office in Louisville, Ky., requesting that the $22.40 charge be dropped. There was no answer to our letter, only another bill for $22.40.

It is hard getting through to DirecTV. Billing is from Louisville, and correspondence regarding billing has to go through Los Angeles.

We definitely did not have service Oct. 10-31, and we definitely did notify the company that we were leaving on Oct. 10. I hope you can convince DirecTV that this bill of $22.40 is in error. Lavern Borton

Response: Mary Lauletta, customer service specialist for DirecTV in Los Angeles, said the first request to disconnect your account was received by the company in November. Your account was disconnected at that time.

Because you have a good payment history with DirecTV and in the interest of customer satisfaction, Lauletta said a credit of $24.84 has been issued for the October charges. Your account balance is now zero.

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