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Tarzan has a cheat sheet

QUESTION: We bought Tarzan for the N64 for our grandson a few weeks ago after we read your review, and now he's stuck and complaining that he wants a new game because he can't get any further. We told him we bet you'd have some kind of trick that could help him out.

Please help us! We're not ready to buy a new game yet! _ Alton and Minnie Smith, Plattsburgh, N.Y.

ANSWER: You're in luck. To open up the cheat menu in Tarzan, at the main menu press Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down.

Tougher game

QUESTION: I've been playing Quarterback Club 2001 long enough that I've beaten it eight ways to Sunday. Do you have any codes that might make it more interesting? _ Fidel Gutierrez, Tampa

ANSWER: You know we do, and these will work for any version of the game. To play in an alien stadium, enter SCLLYMLDR. For extra injuries, try HSPTL; for super fat players, it's MRSHMLLW; for players on fire, enter HSNFR; for a ball made of Flubber, it's FLBBR; for lots of fumbles, try BTTRFNGRS; for a huge football, enter BCHBLL; to play on a minefield, use PPCRNRTRNS; to play rugby, enter RGBY; for slow motion action, try FRRSTGMP; for tiny players, use SHRTGYS; for thin players, try TTHPCK; and for unlimited turbo, use TRBMN.

Need for speed

NEED FOR SPEED: PORSCHE UNLEASHED, FOR PLAYSTATION: This is one of the most successful racing series ever and for good reason. This time around, the focus is on the 50-year history of Porsche. By the time you're done, you'll know everything you've ever wanted to about this legendary automaker.

You'll get the chance to drive 74 models _ such as the legendary 550 Spyder, the 917 and the GT cars _ over 20 open road courses and three circuit tracks in a variety of modes.

Coolest of all is the Evolution mode, which spans three eras. You begin during the Classic era, selecting a car and racing through the next half-century, then using winnings to buy newer models.

The Factory mode is also a kick. You start as a factory driver, assigned to test-drive various models with a predetermined result. Succeed, and you'll work your way up the chain to become Porsche's top factory ace.

You can also enter tournaments in classes from various eras.

JONATHAN SAYS: I liked the chance to check out all the old Porsches, but there are other versions of this game, particularly NFS III, that I like better. Rating: A-.

CHIP SAYS: The action and graphics are nothing new _ the same old great NFS stuff _ but the focus on 50 years of legendary speedsters makes this one a must for Porsche fans. Rating: A.


Winnie the Pooh

WINNIE THE POOH: ADVENTURES IN THE 100-ACRE WOOD, FOR GAME BOY COLOR: Here's a delightful hand-held adventure for kids or Pooh fans of all ages. It's a blend of simple board gaming and action mini-games that put players in the middle of the 100-Acre Wood with Pooh and all his friends.

The goal is to collect storybooks scattered throughout the Wood to show to Christopher Robin. Along the way, players will experience classic adventures: Eeyore has a birthday, Piglet gets caught in a flood, Tigger gets lost, and, of course, Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's doorway after one honey pot too many.

In addition to playing as everyone's favorite stuffed bear, players also get to experience adventures as other classic characters.

The action here is simple and undemanding but enjoyable nonetheless. Graphically, this one's an absolute delight, delivered in inimitable Disney color, and with character representations that are amazing in a Game Boy title.

There's something comforting and timeless about Pooh and his adventures with friends, and, in a day when parents struggle to find wholesome entertainment for children that won't leave them gagging, this one's something very special indeed.

JONATHAN SAYS: I'm 14, so I really can't comment on this one, but I can see where it would be neat if I were a few years younger. Rating: A+.

CHIP SAYS: This one's an absolute treasure for those young enough _ or young enough at heart. Rating: A+.

OVERALL RATING: A+ _ buy it for Pooh fans.

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