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The last day until FREEDOM!

What are you going to do to celebrate the end of school? We asked around and this is what some of you told us.

Don't deny it, we know you're counting down the hours 'til school is out.

Only a few more math classes, only a couple more trips to the science lab, and then it will be THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Will you celebrate that cool day by expressing yourself with wild outfits and hairdos? Are you planning to party the night away as soon as you bolt from the schoolhouse? Will you be sad to see your friends scatter to the four corners of summer? What will come over you?

Xpress talked to kids around the Tampa Bay area to see what fun and crazy things they might do to herald the beginning of three months' freedom. Here's what some of them had to say:

Katrina Rowe, 12

Bay Point Middle School

St. Petersburg

I want to play tricks on my teachers _ that's a maybe! Put something on the desk, a fake cockroach or something.

Chris Killian, 10

Bay Vista Elementary School

St. Petersburg

I'm going to try and get out of class before the bell rings. I'm going to try and sneak out the back door.

Cedric Roberts, 13

Osceola Middle School


I'm going to do what I do everyday. It's just another day.

Daniel Mayer, 14

St. Petersburg High School

I'm going to spike all my hair up and spray it different colors, probably green and white because they're the school colors.

Brent Pribyl, 14

Central Christian Middle School

St. Petersburg

I was thinking about it, a prank or something, but the teacher said if we do anything stupid we get Saturday school.

Kortney Hardwick, 14

Pinellas Park Middle School

When the bell rings, I'm going to run outside and hug all my friends and probably start crying. None of them are going to the same high school as me.

Ashley Coward, 13

Azalea Middle School

St. Petersburg

Right after the bell I'm going to run to the snack machine for a Snickers and a Gatorade, and I'll be really happy I don't have to eat school lunch all summer.

Sterling Wells, 15

St. Petersburg High School

I can't wait to jump up and leave, get on the bus and relax.