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Published Sep. 27, 2005

(Filings for May 1-5)

Lawsuits filed

Jacqueline Lauer vs. John Frazier (UIFSA support).

Martha L. Schwartz vs. Michael Schwartz (UIFSA support).

Goldie J. Priester vs. Lanny B. Priester Sr. (UIFSA support).

Reva W. Houston vs. Johnny D. Walls (UIFSA support).

Anita L. McKinney vs. Darrell A. Roberts (UIFSA support).

James A. Fernandez and Adalina V. Fernandes vs. Connie Russell (real property).

Frederick L. Jordan Jr. and Built Rite Homes vs. Richard A. Florczak, N. Maureen Florczak and American Bank (other).

Laura Nicole Harvey vs. Shannon Christopher Harvey (UIFSA support).

Washington Mutual Bank FA and Home Savings of America FA vs. Robert F. Valenzano, Cindy L. Valenzano, Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia, Monogram Credit Card Bank, Bank of America, NationsBank NA, Barnett Bank NA, Barnett Technologies Inc., Barnett Recovery Corporation, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Countrywide Home Loans Inc., Countrywide Funding Corp. and Americas Wholesale Lender vs. Joseph F. Correa, Marie A. Correa, Spring Hill Civic Association, United States of America, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Enrico R. Scarano and Francine Scarano vs. Ford Credit Titling Trust, Freedom 1 Inc., Karen Padilla and Geico General Insurance Co. (other).

Vernia Golden vs. Donnie A. White (UIFSA support).

Maria D. Baillargeon vs. William W. Baillargeon (UIFSA support).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. and Green Tree Financial Serving Corp. vs. Peggy L. Gibson, Unknown Spouse of Peggy L. Gibson and Peggy Gibson (real property).

Pamela M. Lee vs. Joseph Robert Vella (UIFSA support).

National City Mortgage Co. vs. James M. Kreider, Merri A. Kreider, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Dorothy Warford vs. Candace L. Shriner (child support).

Yulonda Y. Mathis vs. Leland D. Thompson (child support).

Jacqueline R. Kooistra vs. Anthony M. Penkava (other domestic relations).

Wanda D. Williams vs. Curtis Jones (other domestic relations).

Cathy Lacey vs. Kenneth Shiflet (other domestic relations).

Dinah C. Teaford vs. Ronald R. Frazier (other domestic relations).

Dale L. Edwards vs. Jacqueline Leblanc (child support).

Leanna M. Chapman vs. Robert L. Brock (other domestic relations).

Amanda Beth Williams vs. Helen T. Thomas (child support).

Wilma J. Roark vs. Nicholas J. Carrus (child support).

Diane L. Huntley vs. Michael C. Huntley (child support).

Amanda C. Payne vs. Jerry D. Newcomer (other domestic relations).

Wayne Johnson and Barbara Johnson vs. Saumel Taylor (real property).

Cathy Lacey vs. Alex G. Ridge (other domestic relations).

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Edward D. Gilbert, Karol A. Gilbert and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

BA Mortgage LLC and Barnett Bank NA vs. James A. Warner, Unknown Spouse, John Doe, Jane Doe and Hernando County Development Department (real property).

Webster Bank vs. Andre Accavallo (other).

Kieron Macleod and Joann M. Macleod vs. Richard C. Griffith, Denise Bacia Griffith, Cooks Termite and Pest Control Inc., Bruce D. Cook and William G. Arnold (other).

Hernando County vs. Stefan Sieczkowski (other).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. vs. Unknown Occupant (replevins).

Deborah H. Taraboulous vs. Deborah F. Hultgren (other).

First Nationwide Mortgage Corp. vs. Harold A. Kalbing, Elizabeth L. Kalbing, Elizabeth Kalbing, Altiva Financial Corporation, Mego Mortgage Corp., Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., First National Bank of Keystone, U.S. Bank Trust National Association as Trustee, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Sheila H. Harvey and Timothy F. Harvey vs. Earl Steve Summers (auto negligence).

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. vs. Eugene Langley, Eric Riggins, Eric Ashan Riggins, Veronica Langley, Unknown Tenant 1 and Unknown Tenant 2 (real property).


Debra K. Barbee vs. Alan D. Conrad (UIFSA support).

Leroy Cannon and Commercial Carrier Corp. vs. Ellsworth E. Johnston and Marguerita G. Dupuis (auto negligence).

David Alfred Lewie vs. Hernando County Commission (other).

Helen Matthews and Thomas Matthews vs. Forest Oaks LTD LTC, Forest Oaks Care Center, Rusch O. Dees, Elizabeth Wrye and Elizabeth Dees (other negligence).

Lois Dietrich, Lois Dietrich as Per Rep and The Estate of John Dietrich (other negligence).

Thomas Talbott vs. Robert Bunn (other negligence).

Ingrid Moore vs. Peyton Hyslop (other).

Walter L. Caraway vs. Eve Turquoisa (other negligence).

George Colburn and Carleen Colburn vs. Pearl Hunt Lawrence (auto negligence).

McCloud Systems Inc. vs. Bjorn Gulbrandsen (contract and indebtedness).

Angela Gariepy vs. Michael Gariepy (dissolution of marriage).

Albert M. Grella vs. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (contract and indebtedness).

Carole A. Grube vs. David L. Grube (dissolution of marriage).


Donna Murray vs. James V. Murray (UIFSA support).

Rodger L. Anderson and Hal K. Yeager vs. Hernando County Florida (other).

Libby K. Sharp vs. Gary L. Johnson (child support).

Patricia M. Fagin vs. Howard L. Holland (child support).

Joyce Barnes and Robert Barnes vs. John F. La Jr. (auto negligence).

Linda J. Martini vs. Christopher A. Dixon (other domestic relations).

Fleet Leasing Corporation and Sanwa Leasing Corporation vs. Circle One International Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Emily M. Lowdenslager vs. Anthony T. Buonaiuto (other domestic relations).

Tameka N. Hagood vs. Dawayne A. Roberts (other domestic relations).

Melissa Smith vs. Christopher D. Short (child support).

Rebecca M. Gonzalez vs. Brian S. Netterville (UIFSA support).

Barbara M. Nelson and Barbara C. Shiflett vs. Ronald S. Parker, Cheryle Parker and Alan O. Rice (real property).

Jean M. Schramm vs. Lisa A. Phillips (child support).

Lauren Wong vs. Stanley J. Wong (child support).

Theresa L. Rudolph vs. Jason Pletta (UIFSA support).

Deana Anderson vs. Robert C. Anderson (child support).

Angela G. Gariepy vs. Alirio Derocha (other domestic relations).

Holly M. Zettler vs. Jerome P. Zettler (child support).

Sherry Finley vs. Walker T. Finley (child support).

Wendy E. Morgan vs. Robert G. Fields III (other domestic relations).

Raymond George Rogers vs. Adoption (other domestic relations).

Randy William Bozard vs. Randy William Branham (other domestic relations).

Dissolutions of marriage

Sandra L. Fiscus vs. Julius L. Fiscus.

Tifani N. Clark vs. Richard M. Clark.

Lisa J. McQuillan vs. Conner F. McQuillan.

Paulette E. Phillips vs. Gerald W. Phillips.

Amy Winberley vs. James L. Wimberley Jr.

Diane Linder vs. Marion Donald Linder.

Jason Blake Makinson vs. Crystal Kaye Makinson.

William Thomas Theel vs. Tommie Lee Theel.

Brenda Nadene Pierce vs. Michael Wayne Pierce.

Victorie E. Richard-Kearns vs. Ernest L. Kearns.

Gail V. Durso vs. Joseph L. Durso.

Christopher L. Coburn vs. Katina Maggard Coburn.

Rebecca Jean Bouwkamp vs. Gerrit Bouwkamp Jr.

Stephanie Sue Irwin vs. Michael Stewart.


Vilma Rios vs. Jose E. Rios.

Josephine J. Murphy vs. Alexander B. Murphy, Alexander Murphy as Trustee and Josephine J. Murphy Trust.

Regina Whitehead vs. Samuel Dennis Whitehead.

Russell Brown vs. Janet Brown.

Jennifer ODonnell vs. Michael ODonnell.

Leon Horner vs. Gloria Mae Horner.

Karen S. Conrad vs. Stephen N. Conrad.

Tammy L. Kern vs. Douglas W. Kern.

Rebecca D. Kirkland vs. Steve D. Kirkland.

Edmond Costa vs. Condance Charlotte Costa.

Ronald L. Marshall vs. Carrie E. Marshall.

David R. Casey vs. Michelle Denise Casey.

Cassandra M. Krischunas vs. Jon J. Krischunas.

Andrea Cooper vs. Gregory Cooper.

Deborah Foreman vs. T. Jay Forman.

Marriage license applications

Kenneth Thomas Gorman and Darlene Marie McIntosh, both of Brooksville.

John David Schantl and Kimberly Lynn Shephard, both of Spring Hill.

Michael James Danna and Shannon Elizabeth Houle, both of Spring Hill.

Kyle Matthew Deatherage and Vickie Ann Burson, both of Harrison Township, Mich.

Robert Allen Morris, Jr. and Crystal Joy Freed, both of Brooksville.

Anthony James David of Spring Hill and Viviana Alves Ferreira of Brooksville.

Baron Laverne Wood and Stephanie Leona Howland, both of Brooksville.

Stephen Norman Conrad and Linda Gail Biggs, both of Brooksville.

Wayne Burton Kundiger and Alice Brown, both of Spring Hill.

John Michael Gorenflo and April Kathleen Phillips, both of Norfolk, Va.

Paul Francis Maggiorini and Susan Marie Redd, both of Brooksville.

Sam Edward Cazee of Brooksville and Maria Stefanie Huplits of Spring Hill.

Gordon Andrew Combs of Weeki Wachee and Colleen Elaine Yeager of Spring Hill.

Christopher Scott Milliken and Joleen Ann Branam, both of Brooksville.

Patricio Rivera of Masaryktown and Pamela Louise Willett of Webster.

Leon Dale Laird and Irene Frances Szymczak, both of Krum, Texas.

Jerry Frank Holloway and Jorinda Irene Ortiz, both of Brooksville.

Michael Dean Kiernan and Jennifer Lynne Fenne, both of Brooksville.