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Topwater lures often produce great results on almost all species of inshore game fish.

Some fish such as trout and snook are more efficient attacking topwater baits, while redfish and shark may make several attempts before successfully grabbing the lure.

Topwater baits vary in construction. Some have rattle chambers or props that make noise; others imitate greenbacks or finger mullet.

Lures known as chuggers or chug plugs make a popping sound when twitched and pulled through the water.

All these lures can be productive under the right conditions.

As a rule, the best time to fish topwater baits is just after sunrise and just before sunset. You can cover a lot of water and generally provide a great outing.

Remember, topwater fishing is visual and exciting. When you see your lure being struck, your first reaction will be to set the hook; however, be patient and quickly reel in line until you feel the fish, then set the hook. This will result in a higher hook-up ratio.

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