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Suitcase slaying clues sought in Miami hotel

Authorities look for clues at an establishment one of the victims frequented.

Detectives searched several rooms in a Miami hotel _ including tearing up a carpet thought to be stained with blood _ in an effort to discover who killed two women whose bodies were found stuffed inside suitcases in Broward County.

One of the murdered women _ suspected prostitute Kim Dietz-Livesey _ was a regular customer at The Knight's Inn on the 3500 block of Biscayne Boulevard, managers said. The other victim, Sia Demas, also is thought to have stayed there, Broward Sheriff's Office officials said.

Investigators searched three rooms on Wednesday and Thursday. They also took swabs of carpet in 28 carpeted rooms and swept for hair and other fibers, a hotel manager said.

Of particular interest to detectives was room 133, where Dietz-Livesey is thought to have stayed one night in June with a man resembling the composite sketch of the suspect in the murders.

The next morning, a chambermaid found a grapefruit-sized blood stain on the light green carpet. Shortly before that, the man had asked to change rooms, a manager said.

"The maid said she thinks someone was shooting up in there," manager Maria Rivaflecha said.

Investigators searched the second room the man moved to, as well as a third room where the man is thought to have stayed, Rivaflecha said.

"It could be that after we make an arrest, there might be something that would connect the killer to the victims," said Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Leljedal. "We may not even know what it is. It could be a thread off of his shirt, or a hair."

The body of 35-year-old Dietz-Livesey was discovered on June 22. She was curled in a fetal position inside a dark-brown suitcase along Flamingo Road just north of Sheridan Street in Cooper City.

Demas's body was found Aug. 7 stuffed into a black duffel bag at the side of the 5200 block of Southwest 31st Avenue in unincorporated Broward County near Dania Beach. A woman walking her dog made the discovery.

Although detectives are being extremely tight-lipped, some close to the case have speculated both murders could be the work of the same killer.

Witnesses described a man who was with Demas when she was last seen. He was driving a dark-colored pickup with tinted windows, an extended cab, a chrome sun visor and chrome rims.

Nicole Bullard stays in a room on the second floor of the hotel, which is in an area frequented by prostitutes and drug addicts. She said she recognized the man in the police sketch as having pulled up in front of her, Demas and a third woman one night in August.

He flashed a wad of cash from his Chevy 1500, Bullard recalled, and Demas climbed in. It was the last time she was seen alive.