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Published Sep. 27, 2005

EDITORS NOTE: Many children in single parent families or whose parents may be unable to participate fully in their lives are reaching out for help through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Citrus County. We will periodically run brief items from Big Brothers Big Sisters describing these children in hopes of making a match. Grandparents as well as younger adults are invited to make a difference in a child's life. To find out more about mentoring, call Penny Johnson at 794-5414, ext. 221.

LAUGHTER IS GREAT MEDICINE: Debbie likes to laugh and have fun. She is 14 and needs an adult to model appropriate behaviors. She is a good writer, is artistic and enjoys swimming, playing with a Game Boy and music.

She is not as mature as most of her peers and finds it difficult to make friends among them. She stands alone too much of the time. Debbie would like a Big Sister to spend a few hours a month with her just "hanging out."

HE HAS NEVER MET HIS DAD: Paul is a young lad but he is sadly missing his father. He has never met him and needs a father figure in his life.

He loves to golf and would really enjoy a buddy who would take him out on the course once or twice a month. He is good in sports and enjoys gardening. He's easy to please and would make a great golfing partner. Are you looking for someone to team up with on the golf course? Paul is just your guy.

VIETNAM WAR LEAVES DAD DISABLED: Rob has not seen Dad since he was 2 years old. The Vietnam War left Dad mentally disabled and unable to care for this young man. If that isn't bad enough, he has been verbally abused since he was small. He needs someone to make him feel positive and worthwhile.

He is a nice boy with no behavior problems. He said that he does not enjoy life, but that could change with the right mentor. Rob is interested in hiking, model planes, swimming, being outdoors and chess. He would be excited about any age mentor. How about a game of chess with this young man? A "grandfather figure" could maybe learn a new trick on the chess board from Rob.

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