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A good start on righting wrongs

Re: Chief resigns after suspension, Sept. 1.

I have to commend City Manager Jerry Mudd for having the chutzpah to reverse his stand as far as administration at the Pinellas Park Police Department is concerned.

There is still quite a bit of housecleaning to be done, however, and a number of wrongs that need to be righted _ starting with the downfall of Sgt. J. Freshley. It would be very magnanimous of Mudd to see that Freshley was offered a position with the police department once again, since he did nothing wrong. He simply decided not to buck his bosses, and he chose to leave while his pride and dignity were relatively intact. Kudos to Joe for being a gentleman when he was not treated with the respect the city's Mission Statement claims everyone is entitled to.

Jerry Mudd made a wise choice when he made Lt. Dorene Thomas acting chief. She is the consummate professional and has proven herself to be a good officer as well as a fine human being. Congratulations to Chief Thomas on a stellar career. You've got my vote.

Debbie "Spike" Prichard, Pinellas Park

Curbside boxes beneficial

Re: City Council moves to curb use of roadside mailboxes, Sept. 3.

I grew up having curbside mail service. When my husband and I moved to Meadowlawn 16 years ago, we missed having curbside service, so during the installation of my neighbor's mailbox, I asked for information from the contractor.

A week after sending in our request, we had a curbside box. If a permit was needed for installation, the contractor should be responsible and not the homeowners.

Now the only way we can keep our box is to get a nasty dog. Unfair! The law that made curbside boxes

illegal in 1968 is way overdue to be reviewed. If people are so lazy that they can't walk 20 feet to get their mail, shame on them! Curbside service is faster and safer for the mail carrier, and with curbside mailboxes it's easier for EMS to see house numbers posted at the curb.

I would love to bring the city in front of its own Code Enforcement Board and cite it for unsafe conditions that go unresolved. On my street alone, there are power lines that droop down to where the garbage truck snags them, and bushes on easements that obstruct a driver's view. The city needs to review what is important to the well-being of its citizens and not someone's personal view of ugly.

Donna Spitts, St. Petersburg

Trail overpass: a healthy addition

Re: Other needs supersede Pinellas Trail, letter, Aug. 23.

The time for effectively opposing the construction of the Park Street/Tyrone Boulevard overpass in aid of the Pinellas Trail was when it was proposed a few years ago, not now, when it is nearly finished.

The overpass was intended to relieve pedestrian traffic; it was badly needed for us foot soldiers. It also aids us "fortunates" in walking, running, biking and skating the trail. Why not join us in healthy pursuits?

If we postponed the overpass until Pinellas County's education problems were solved, I fear that it would never be done.

Last, the overpass will help me navigate the mess I meet daily in crossing the intersection. It will slightly decrease the nightmare caused by planners in designing the jumble of malls, entries and exits, and speed stretches for the joy of road-ragers between 38th Street and 46th Street and Park Street and Bay Pines.

John McKane, St. Petersburg