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Australian for ...

Anker: Idiot

Banana Bender: Person from Queensland

Barbie: barbecue

Bloke: man

Bloody: universal Australian adjective

Bludger: bum, lazy bloke

Bottleshop: liquor store

Brekkie: breakfast

Bundy rum: Bundaberg Rum from Queensland

Bushranger: outlaw

Chook: Chicken

Chrissie: Christmas

Chrissie pressies: Christmas presents

Fair Dinkum: Fair, honest

G'Day: Good day, hello, wassup?

Gob: mouth

Grog: alcohol

Jackeroo, and Jilleroo: ranch hands, male and female

Journo: journalist

Kiwis: people with no sense of humor

Knackered: tired

Mate: buddy, pal, bro

Middy: small glass of beer

No worries: no worries

Onya, Good on'ya: Way to go, right on

Oz: Australia

Pommy or pomme: Englishman

Rellos: relatives

Roo: kangaroo

Schooner: large glass of beer

Sheila: woman

Shout: to buy, as in beer

Slab: case of beer

Strine: Australian

Stubbies: small bottles of beer

Sunnies: sunglasses

Tallies: big bottles of beer

Telly: television

Tinnie: can of beer

Whinge: complain

Yobbo: loudmouth