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Don't criticize kids' advocates

Re: Guardian program is biased against dads, Sept. 5 letter

Editor: Due to the confidentiality of Donald Robinson's case, we are unaware of the precise details.

I have been a guardian ad litem for the past six years and, of course, can only speak for myself. I fully understand the disappointments and frustrations parents experience during a custody battle.

Currently, I am assigned to a case whereby I wholeheartedly believe the father should have custody of his child. This is contrary to the recommendations made by the mother's attorney, as well as the Department of Children and Families. I will go to court expecting to speak up for this child and, yes, shall even stand up for the father's rights.

The writer states he "has become a victim of the discrimination of our court system" and, yet, he openly victimizes the good name of all guardian ad litem. This, I personally resent.

Estelle Rodman

Bayonet Point

Run-offs are waste of taxpayer money

Editor: Once again we are going to be ripping off the taxpayers for $110,000 because no candidate for sheriff received 50 percent of the vote in the primary election. Every voter has a chance to get out and vote, and I firmly believe the candidate with the most votes should be declared the winner. We should not put the taxpayers to this expense.

When is someone in the Senate or House of Representatives going to have the guts to introduce a bill to do away with this waste of taxpayers' money?

This is not sour grapes. I voted for Gil Thivener.

Simpson Van Orden

New Port Richey

Change process to district voting

Editor: Why should voters living in Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 vote for a County Commission candidate living in District 5?

Most of these outside voters will probably vote for a candidate because they have a nicer face _ even though it probably isn't a recent picture _ a better flier, a position on the top of the ballot, a name they like or for any other non-productive reason. Hillsborough County does not have this idiotic process.

With our astronomical population increase, it is imperative that we change to district voting. Then voters can vote only for their own district commissioner.

Murray Guttman

Port Richey

Seniors can't afford tax hike

Editor: In the Pasco Times headline Aug. 23, it states in big black letters that the residents say yes to tax hike. These residents, all six of them, are probably receiving $50,000 a year or so and can very well say "yes" to everything.

I am a 76-year-old senior citizen who can hardly pay the tax as high as it is now, and I am sure there are many that are just like me. I hope you will not raise our taxes and then maybe I'll have enough left over to take a drive to Hudson.

Mrs. J. Weaver

New Port Richey