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Fogerty says he's fine with CCR tribute band

Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty used to bristle at the idea of a tribute band playing his classic rock tunes.

But Fogerty now insists he's no longer angry about the covergroup Creedence Clearwater Revisited, which features two original members of CCR and a new singer who apes Fogerty's growling vocals.

"I used to have stronger feelings about it. I thought I could keep the name Creedence kind of virginal," Fogerty said. "It's more sadness than anything. But I can't do anything about it."

Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival were favorites of the late 1960s, known for such folksy hits as Proud Mary, Born on the Bayou and Fortunate Son. The band split up in 1972 at the height of its fame.

Fogerty is now touring with New Orleans soul queen Irma Thomas and jazz-funk pianist Dr. John.

Satrical filmmaker

targets dog shows

Christopher Guest's satirical films have taken on rock 'n' roll, the film industry and small-town theater.

His latest target? Dog shows.

Guest, co-writer and co-star of This Is Spinal Tap, said he had never been to a dog show before he made Best in Show, scheduled for release Sept. 29. In preparation for it, he went to Westminster last year.

"It is intense," Guest told Time Out New York in its Sept. 7-14 issue. "When some dogs came out, it could have been Prince coming onstage."

A re-release of This Is Spinal Tap opened in theaters Friday.

Teen actor grows

too fast for his role

Teen actor Patrick Fugit grew up _ literally _ on the set of his new film Almost Famous.

Not only did he appear in his first sex scene, he grew three inches while the movie was being shot.

Fugit, 17, stars as a budding 15-year-old rock journalist assigned to follow the tour of an up-and-coming band.

"It was like the shoulders are broadening as we speak. The voice is getting lower as we speak," Frances McDormand, who plays his mother, said in the Sept. 7-14 issue of Time Out New York.

The movie's wardrobe department had to refit Fugit's pants each time he outgrew his cuffs. And as the film progressed, co-star Billy Crudup _ originally the same height as Fugit _ had to wear platform shoes.

Almost Famous opens at theaters on Wednesday.

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