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Knowledgeable fans can see a difference

To Steve Miskins, who wrote a BucsChat letter for Monday saying it looked like the same old Bucs offense, you need to take some classes on football. The whole blocking scheme for the offensive line was different. Most of Warrick Dunn's running plays were off-tackle instead of up the middle. The crossing patters by the wide receivers were a welcome site. The pass protection was much better.

Anybody with any football knowledge can see a big difference in the design and execution of the offense. I was very impressed, considering it was the first game with a new offense, on the road, against a tough defense.

James Leonard


As usual, Bucs fans haven't been paying attention. Haven't the coaches been saying this is a run first, pass second team? Well, in that case, how are things going to look a lot different?

A run is a run, but in case your TV was a little fuzzy, some of those runs were to the outside, and that's something you didn't see last year. If you're looking for a team that's going to pile on the points, maybe you should find another team. It sounds like some of these fans would rather see a perfectly played game and lose than have imperfections and win.

Shall we bring back Leeman Bennett?

B. MacIlroy


Run on first and second down, pass on third down. Second-and-1 we run the ball. Nothing has changed.

We have too much talent on offense to have close games. Did the Bucs bring Keyshawn (Johnson) here to block? What happened to the swing pass out of the backfield? There are safe pass plays to use on first downs, even from a running formation.

Tony Dungy might be a great defensive coach, but he will not become a great head coach until he realizes that we need an offense. One trick play doesn't make up for almost giving the game away (on offense) in the second half, even though the special teams didn't play well.

John H. Jones

St. Petersburg

I hope Coach Dungy was watching the Rams vs. Broncos game Monday night. Football can be exciting watching two talented quarterbacks and their talented receivers in action. Two defensive teams drubbing it out ain't very exciting.

John Swanson

Spring Hill

The awesome defense plays well for three quarters but seems to fall asleep in the fourth quarter. The non-explosive offense relies on a 15-yard penalty to keep one drive alive, and a trick play to sustain another. Were they a little lucky to come home 1-0?

Joe Dunn


After endless hours of thinking of a name for the awesome defense that the Bucs have, I came up with a name. One part came from a statement Chidi Ahanotu made last year, about the front four having dreadlocks or braids. And, the other part came from a statement made by Keyshawn Johnson this year: The Dreaded Rottweilers.

The guy in charge of the sound system should have a sound bite of a pack of dogs barking. That would simulate how the Bucs swarm like a pack of dogs.

Kevin Hardmon