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Luncheon to benefit Sanderlin Center

(ran South, East editions)

A meeting to organize a community effort to save the James B. Sanderlin Center has been scheduled for noon Tuesday in City Hall.

The 25,000-square-foot facility, at 2335 22nd Ave. S, is in disrepair. Last month Sanderlin Center officials made a public appeal for help.

Tuesday's luncheon meeting is meant to raise funds to repair the center's roof and interior damage, said Bob Gilder, community relations coordinator for the city of St. Petersburg.

"We have broken the needs down," Gilder said, adding that supporters can offer to pay for the purchase of as little as one sheet of plywood or as many as 20.

Last month, after its problems became public, the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, which leased the property to the center, announced plans to transfer ownership to a not-for-profit corporation that would be named the James B. Sanderlin Family Service Center Inc.

Those planning to attend Tuesday's meeting should call Bob Gilder at 893-7201.