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McCain: Vote out wasteful spenders

Republican Sen. John McCain, recruited by GOP leaders for their budget fight with the White House, asked Americans to vote out any lawmaker who would undermine the nation's surplus with wasteful spending.

The former presidential hopeful expressed suspicions that both parties might share guilt by the time this year's budget is enacted. He had especially harsh words for President Clinton.

Clinton does not want compromise, the Arizona senator said Saturday in the GOP's weekly radio address, and will do anything to defeat Congress in the annual battle.

McCain said the government shutdowns of the mid-1990s, which generally were blamed on the Republicans who run Congress, gave Democrats an excuse to fault the GOP for any budget impasse, leaving the president a free hand to push through more spending.

When he signed on to the budget fight Thursday, McCain warned GOP leaders that he planned to target anybody who tried to lard the budget with pork-barrel projects.