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Taxing district comes up two votes short

The Carrollwood North subdivision fails to increase its yearly tax assessment. Also in North Tampa, voters showed overwhelming support for Senate candidate Victor Crist.

If just two more people had voted in the special taxing district in Carrollwood North, that tiny subdivision off Lowell Road might have raised its maximum yearly tax assessment by as much as $55 per house.

The vote _ to raise the cap from $100 to $150 _ was that close, with the measure failing 20-19. Homeowners there are now assessed $95 a year.

"This is a case where a little more voter activity could have changed the outcome," said Pam Iorio, Hillsborough County's supervisor of elections.

In Logan Gate Village, where the cap would have been raised from its current $100 to $200, voters delivered a resounding no. The count there was 330-66.

Republicans north of Tampa also got a chance to show how much they like Rep. Victor Crist, now running for the Senate seat to be vacated by John Grant, R-Carrollwood. Crist took 68 percent in a primary contest against Faye Culp and David Rayneart.

As he faces Democrat Kathy Castor in the general election, here are some precincts where Crist looked especially strong. To avoid distortions, we include only those where at least 100 votes were cast.

Crist's strongest supporters

Precinct Neighborhood % of

votes cast

for Crist

357 Tampa Palms, University North 84

359 Tampa Palms 81

361 Hunter's Green, Arbor Greene 77

511 Carrollwood Village 74

553 Lake Magdalene 80

569 Lake Magdalene 78

587 Lutz 79

671 Pebble Creek 79