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Water view planned for rec center

Published Sep. 27, 2005

(ran Beach edition)

Plans for the Treasure Island rec center include changing the entrance and putting recycling bins in a soundproof building.

Describing the city's recreation center as "a bit drab," City Manager Chuck Coward presented a plan Tuesday to brighten the building and open the view to the waterfront.

Commissioners said they liked the plan to change the center's entrance, add landscaping and paint the building sage green to match the new Treasure Island Beach Center on Sunset Beach. The city's Community Center, behind downtown, is expected to be the same color when it is renovated next year.

Part of Coward's proposal includes moving the city's recycling center from beside the clubhouse to the north end of the parking lot. Coward plans to enclose the recycling bins in a soundproof building. That structure, too, would match the recreation center.

Residents of the adjacent Paradise Towers have complained about the noise from the recycling center.

The city wants to decrease the noise and create a view from Paradise Boulevard to the Intracoastal Waterway.

"Water is all around us here on our island, but you can never see it," Coward said.

Architect Enrique Woodroffe suggested placing tall palm trees along that newly opened area to "frame the picture" of the waterfront.

"I would love to see the expanse open to the public there," said Commissioner Mary Maloof, who represents the residents of Paradise Island.

Woodroffe also suggested redesigning the driveways into the recreation center. Commissioners liked the idea of creating a center entrance along Paradise Boulevard. Under that plan, the parking lot would lose about four spaces, leaving 90.

Coward said he would hire a company to construct the recycling center, but city workers would complete the remainder of the project, which should begin this fall.

"We haven't estimated the costs yet," he said.