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Woman fells hawk with concrete block

Sept. 15, 1930

Mrs. George T. Lancaster of East Belleair Boulevard noticed several of her Rhode Island broilers have gone missing during the past week and decided to keep an eye on the remainder of the flock to put a stop, if possible, to the thefts.

The poultry owner returned home yesterday afternoon and found a large hen hawk with one of her chickens in his talons, ready to take off in a flight from the coop.

Mrs. Lancaster picked up the first object that was at hand which proved to be a concrete building block, and hurled it at the hawk and his prey, pinning the bird to the ground.

Mrs. Lancaster is receiving many compliments for her skill in throwing, which is considered quite a feat for a woman.

Sept. 10, 1926

Newspapermen scrap over chair

CLEARWATER _ Trial of some bandits who robbed a Tarpon Springs store has been the whole show in Clearwater this week.

The center of attention in the county seat has been the courthouse, and standing room only has been the rule.

Newspapermen who are trying to write stories concerning the trial have found it difficult to approach the table which _ in the past _ has been set apart for their use, as all available chairs have been claimed by some who managed to secure admittance to the enclosure in front of the bar.

Writers for the newspapers were glad to find a space on the floor before Judge Lane's desk upon which they might sprawl without being walked over by court officials.

This condition led to an incident in the courtroom after adjournment of the court Thursday. A certain newspaperman had at last found a chair. It seemed too good to be true, still he settled his frame in the comfortable seat.

Just then appeared a newcomer in the journalistic fold of the county seat. He demanded the chair. The first occupant asked him what the idea was. One word led to another, and soon there was a spirited fistic combat which was quickly squelched by Justice Moore, who separated the combatants. One of the sluggers now sports a blackened optic this morning. The other is trying to hide a wound on the back of his head.

Sept. 13, 1930

Palmetto specimen grows inside oak

CLEARWATER _ Air plants growing from the sides of tree trunks in Florida give a strange appearance to many familiar trees. The sight is a constant source of wonder to winter visitors.

But Clearwater has something even stranger than air plants.

High up in the branches of a giant oak tree just off Pierce Street, immediately west of the Peace Memorial Church, is to be seen a fine specimen of a palmetto, thrusting its branches out of a large hole in its tree trunk at least 25 feet off the ground.

Sept. 15, 1930

Autograph attracts attention

TARPON SPRINGS _ Possibly one of the most valuable and the oldest of the autographs in the collection of signatures of eminent men and women held by Jewel Curry, local collector, is that of President John Tyler, 10th president of the United States.

Almost 80 years old, the signature was scrawled Nov. 13, 1850.

Dr. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, son of the late president, is the donor of the autograph.

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