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"I did nothing wrong, and it would have been nice if they had just said something."

_ Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Jacquez Green, on the lawsuit his neighbors filed against him for alleged noise at his $200,000 Carrollwood Reserve home. The homeowners association dropped the suit after Green met with the neighbors.

"No doubt Tampa is a very nice airport. We just have a different approach to what is the job of an airport."

_ Jeff Blyskal, an associate editor of Consumer Reports, on the magazine's study that found the highly regarded Tampa International Airport only average, ranking below Orlando's airport.

"All I know is I did it. I stabbed the only girl I ever loved."

_ Chikel Dorisme, admitting to Tampa police detectives that he murdered Cara Beth Policelli, 19, a University of Tampa student, in March. Dorisme, who tried to kill himself immediately after the murder, succeeded last week by throwing himself down a flight of stairs.

"How many are usually here at 4 or 5 in the morning?"

_ Vice President Al Gore to the sparse crowd at Pop 'n Sons diner in Tampa, where he showed up for a Labor Day campaign blitz, apparently expecting more people at the crack of dawn.

"Some employees will no doubt find a career with WorldCom. But there will obviously be some breakage along the way."

_ David C. Ruberg, chairman and chief executive of Intermedia Communications, on the impact of a proposed buyout of the company by WorldCom, Inc.

"I told people that if every story you're working on works out, you're not working on tough enough stories . . . You're just picking the low-hanging fruit."

_ Al Tompkins, a former TV investigative editor now with the Poynter Institute (which owns the St. Petersburg Times), on a lawsuit by two former WTVT-TV Ch. 13 reporters who claimed the station killed their story under corporate pressure.