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Companies want to open new dirt mines in Hudson

Two dirt mines _ one two miles and the other four miles east of U.S. 19 _ are seeking approval to open in Hudson.

Coastal Landfill Disposal of Florida wants to expand its existing construction-debris landfill and dirt mine onto a contiguous 40 acres near Houston Avenue and Coyote Road.

The company estimates it will remove 3.7-million cubic yards of sand from the next phase of the landfill over nine years.

About two miles to the southeast, Sunfield Homes Inc. proposes another sand mine on 161 acres between Denton Avenue, Oakwood Drive and Pater Max Boulevard. Sunfield plans to remove the dirt over about five years.

Both companies have applied for conditional use permits to operate their mines in agricultural zones. The planning commission and county commissioners are scheduled to hear both cases next month.