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Deputies investigating attack on woman

A woman was attacked and possibly sexually assaulted Monday evening when a man entered her home east of Brooksville, officials said.

Hernando County sheriff's investigators had no suspects as of press time and had not yet interviewed the woman, who was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Deanna Dammer said authorities got a call about the incident at 4:40 p.m. She said investigators were trying to sort out what happened.

"We might have a home invasion; we might have an assault. She's not clear what happened. There's virtually nothing she can tell us."

Spring Hill couple

facing neglect charge

A Spring Hill couple face child neglect charges nearly a year after authorities took their children from them.

Earl Lewis Engle, 23, and Jeanette Engle, 22, of 6331 Holiday Drive were arrested following an investigation that began when their two children were found with bruises, a sheriff's report said. Further investigation showed that the couple's then-8-month-old son was not taken to a doctor regularly and, when he was, examinations showed that he was significantly underdeveloped for his age, the report said.

The children's grandparents told investigators that Engle did not allow the boy to be burped when he was fed, causing the baby to throw up his food. The father would then refuse to let the child eat more, a report said.

Once the baby and his then-2-year-old brother were put in the care of the grandparents, the baby began developing normally, officials said.

Assistant State Attorney Bill Catto said it took prosecutors a long time to charge the parents because they had to research case law and wanted to make sure they could count on expert testimony that would support the charge.