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Road rage victim dogged by anger and bitterness

Even the slightest movement is painful for William Ohrmund, but at least he is moving.

There was a moment, the Lake Wales man recalls, that he wasn't sure he ever would again.

"I'm a big guy, and I've been in my share of fights. But when it's six-on-one and they're coming at you with a knife, nobody can beat those odds," said Ohrmund, who is recovering from a Sept. 4 road rage incident at a Spring Hill intersection.

A former football player at Hernando High School, Ohrmund, now 25, is 5-feet-11 and 230 pounds. And he has some new stats to add to his list.

Number of stab wounds to the abdomen: eight.

Number of staples doctors used to keep him from bleeding to death: more than 50, he said.

After spending five days in the hospital, Ohrmund is recovering but still unable to work at his job as a construction supervisor for a cable company. As he remains homebound, he mulls over the incident again and again, trying to put together a puzzle that has even investigators stumped.

"It's frustrating. There were so many of them, I don't know who it was (that stabbed me)," he says. "All I know . . . is that I've got two kids to support, and I can barely walk. I can't even go to the bathroom right."

This is what Ohrmund says happened that night:

Ohrmund had left a retirement party and was on his way to a relative's house in Spring Hill near the intersection of Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Boulevard when a car suddenly sideswiped his truck. Then the car sped ahead of him and slammed on its breaks, causing Ohrmund to run into the back of it.

Two men _ John P. Walsh, 22, of Brooksville and Shawn P. Karahalios, 20, of Spring Hill _ got out of the car and Ohrmund got out of his, a Hernando County sheriff's report said. An argument started.

Ohrmund claims the two men attacked him, while the two men claim Ohrmund was the instigator. Either way, fists flew and another car filled with friends of the two Hernando men pulled up next to the fight, Ohrmund said. They joined in, too, kicking and hitting Ohrmund.

Finally, another car containing a friend of Ohrmund's arrived and broke up the fight, a report said. But by then, someone had stabbed the Lake Wales man in the abdomen several times, and he had to be flown to Bayfront Medical Center for treatment.

In the end, Walsh and Karahalios were identified by the friend as at least two of Ohrmund's attackers, and now the men face charges of aggravated battery. But investigators admit that they do not know if either of the men actually stabbed Ohrmund or if they were simply part of the brawl. No weapon was ever found, and the men who were arrested claim they fought only with their fists and feet, officials said.

"We have no independent witnesses, nor has the victim been able to say who did it, either," Hernando County sheriff's spokeswoman Deanna Dammer said. "It's still an open investigation, but I don't know short of someone coming forward and saying, "Yeah, I did it,' . . . if we'll ever know."

Ohrmund is embittered by the mystery and resents the fact that the two men are out of jail on bail.

"They're out running around, and I'm stuck here on my back," he said.

He said he hopes anyone who has information will come forward to the police. The Sheriff's Office can be reached at 754-6830.

Ohrmund also said he hopes the authorities do more than just wait for someone to confess.

"I just feel like I'm being overlooked . . . violated," he said.