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Inseparable from the start

Published Sep. 27, 2005

Best friends Sharika Woods, left, and Jazmina Khosh both agree: "It all started in first grade." The 9-year-olds, now in the fourth grade, first met when they transfered to Fairmount Elementary in the middle of the school year. They met while in physical education class playing on the monkey bars. Since then, the two have become inseparable. "Every time you turn around, they've got to be together," Sharika's mother, Maxine Lee, said of the girls. The two love the Backstreet Boys and riding bikes. They do their homework together and Jazmina goes with Sharika to cheerleading practice to cheer her on. In the third grade, for a class assignment, the two each wrote a short essay about how they met and became friends. "It all started in first grade," Sahrika wrote. And Jazmina wrote: "We became friends forever. ... and we became closer friends everyday."