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North Shore townhomes shift in size, price

Instead of 10, there will be seven custom units. Prices have risen. All but two have been sold.

What were supposed to be relative bargains in new townhomes at 910 North Shore Drive morphed into seven custom units with price tags as high as $324,000.

The old Beach Park Apartments are being renovated by Pinnacle Construction of Fort Lauderdale. The 20-unit building initially was to become 10 townhomes selling for $149,000 each, inexpensive compared to the three buildings of luxury condominiums under construction at the time. Some of those condos were priced at over $1-million.

The townhomes' highest prices now are in the same range as the starting prices of the luxury condos.

After the announcement of conversion to townhomes in July of last year, little work was done on the Beach Park Apartments.

"We stopped because of the redesign," said Ed Jackson. He was with the original company that started renovating the apartments. Now he does sales and marketing for Pinnacle, he said. Executives with Pinnacle were not available to talk about the project.

Several buyers wanted more than the 1,200 square feet planned for the original 10 townhomes, Jackson said.

One buyer took two of the spaces. Two others bought one each and then split a third between them to get a house and a half each, Jackson said. One buyer whose unit was designed with 1{ bathrooms asked for three instead.

Jackson said that all but two of the units have been sold. At least two of the buyers of the custom units are among the original four who bought the smaller townhomes. Jackson said that when the project changed and the units became more expensive, buyers were offered a chance to cancel their deals.

The custom townhomes, with prices of $199,000 for the smaller units, will be called North Shore Landing, Jackson said. They are supposed to be finished by the first of November. The project, including building and construction, cost $1.6-million, Jackson said.

Beach Park Apartments were built in 1951 and had 44 rooms and 18 baths.