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Poets, and they know it

(ran PW, PS editions)

Moon Lake Elementary students have penned poems, and they got to share them on a radio show.

Students in the Polar Bear Pod at Moon Lake Elementary School have been writing their hearts out, sharing their thoughts in poems.

For some, inspiration came from the family dog or cat, the sparkling stars in the night sky, a messy room or a special grandmother who's always up to playing an after-school game.

On Friday, the students had a chance to share their poems at a mid morning poetry reading with WQYK 1010-AM disc jockey Les McDowell.

Some of the poems rhymed; some did not (free verse). And there were different styles to memorize, such as "couplet," "triplet," "acrostic" and "haiku." Some poets wrote with a light and whimsical voice, keeping it short and sweet, while others told a longer and delightful story.

Here's a small sample of the students' work.

Nana's Clues

By Thomas Brunton, fifth grade

At Nana's house we play this game

No two clues are ever the same

It's called "Nana's Clues"

Not blues

From clue to clue we go

Where they will take us, we do not know

Inside and outside

The clues are our guide

Here, there and everywhere

We follow these clues with great care

Finally at the very end

these clues do send

us to something very sweet

We all sit down for our special treat.

By Raven Vaughn, fifth grade

I don't clean my room

I live like a baboon

I think I'm doomed.

By Justyn Grimsley, fourth grade

Let's go to the race

and win first place

We will go real fast

Like a blast from the past

Our car will be green

Because it's a mean machine.