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Published Sep. 27, 2005

Suits filed

(Filings for Aug. 28-Sept. 1)

Bobbie J. Aldridge vs. John S. Aldridge (child support).

Barnell Carter vs. James A. Bos (child support).

Barnell Carter vs. Lisa D. Bos (child support).

Tammy A. Muller vs. Ellis L. Modlin (child support).

Toni R. Denney vs. Herbert J. Denney III (child support).

Ellen I. Lufcy vs. Doyle L. Lufcy (child support).

Robin R. Gaines vs. William A. Ribkee (child support).

Christina Wilkerson vs. Team Fleet Financing Corp. and Franklin A. Dell (auto negligence).

GMAC Mortgage Corp. of Pa. vs. John M. Ferrazzara, Miriam L. Ferrazzara, Tenant 1, Tenant 2, Tenant 3 and Tenant 4 (real property).

First Union National Bank vs. Richard J. Hecke, Britta Hecke, Jacob R. Gavish and Unknown Tenants (real property).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. and Green Tree Financial Servicing vs. Lester Grosh, Theresa Grosh, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

National City Mortgage Co. vs. Wayne C. Greene, Unknown Spouse of Wayne C. Greene, Jane Doe Unknown Tenant and John Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Anthony Guinta and Penelope C. Guinta vs. Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance Co. (contract and indebtedness).

EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. James W. Spears, Mary E. Spears, Hernando County, Tenant 1 and Tenant 2 (real property).

Michelle Marie Richter vs. Michelle Maria Kroll (other domestic relations).

Ruth Sobczak and Ruth A. Denny vs. David Sobczak (other domestic relations).

Ocwen Federal Bank vs. Fred P. Hanson (real property).

Washington Mutual Bank FA and Home Savings of America FSB vs. Beatrice A. Mihan, Unknown Spouse, John Doe, Mary Doe, SunTrust Bank Nature Coast and SunTrust Bank (real property).

Firstar Bank Milwaukee NA as Trustee vs. Candido E. Lopez, Maria A. Diaz, Seven Hills Homeowners Association Inc. and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

John L. Hughes and Barbara Ann Hughes vs. William Theel and Tommy Theel (real property).

Associates Home Equity Service vs. Ernie Akers, Ernest O. Akers, Grace Akers, Grace Ashley, John Doe Akers Unknown Husband of Grace Akers, SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Bank Nature Coast, Sun Bank and Trust Co., John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Nan S. Rogers vs. Kenneth J. Covert (child support).

Muriel W. Griffin and Donald Griffin vs. Brian Boyd Stover, James Partlowe and Lois Partlowe (auto negligence).

James B. Nutter and Co. vs. Jose R. Torres, Debra A. Torres, US Bank Trust National Association as Trustee, Ameribank Inc., First National Bank of Keystone, Keystone Mortgage Corporation Inc., Unknown Tenant 1 and Unknown Tenant 2 (real property).

Bank of America NA vs. Bobby R. McMurtry II (replevins).


Anthony C. Mosca Jr. and Kathleen Mosca vs. Walter F. Titus, Withlacoochee River Electric Company, Deeb Construction and Development, Coastal Engineering Inc., Hernando County and Tri County Development Inc. (other negligence).

Mary Catherine Loiselle vs. Charles R. Loiselle (dissolution of marriage).

John Caviglia and David Caviglia vs. Preston McCurtain Wise (other).


Shannon Moran Eck vs. Richard Stephen Eck (auto negligence).

Raymond James Bank FSB vs. Estate of Donald A. Brown Deceased, Unknown Heirs of Donald A. Brown, William T. Brown, Carol Ann Brown, Robert S. Brown, Donna L. Brown and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Bankers Trust Co. of California as Trustee vs. Richard L. Zartman and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Countrywide Home Loans Inc., Countrywide Funding Corp. and Americas Wholesale Lender (real property).

Jose G. Santiago and Rosa O. Santiago vs. Temporary Custody of a Minor Child (other domestic relations).

James Richard Scarborough vs. James Richard Lollie (other).

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Margaret Ann Brostrom vs. John R. Brostrom.

Stephanie Claus vs. Daniel Claus.

Patrick Alan Tuttle Sr. vs. Debra Lee Tuttle.

Scott Michael Tyree vs. Susan Elizabeth Tyree.

Nelida Aviles vs. Edward J. Aviles.

Diana Adams vs. David Adams.

Jimmy M. Brown vs. Jackie Brannen Brown.

Susan K. Jennett vs. Garry G. Jennett.

Sonja Jean Grant vs. Henry Lee Grant.

Shaun R. Morel vs. Pamela Morel.

Shirley M. Kinor vs. Leopold J. Kinor.

Thomas Nathan Dortch vs. Katie M. Dortch.

Dawn J. McOwen Cann vs. James Allen Cann.

Penny L. Caldwell vs. Robert A. Caldwell.

John Bowens vs. Joelle Bowens.

John R. Asher vs. Claudia Asher.

Mindy Lynn Spurlock vs. Steven Lee Spurlock.

Rickey D. Griffey vs. Ambyr L. Griffey.

Vincent Sylvester vs. Doreen Sylvester.

Geraldine Villano vs. Louis Villano.

Jack Anthony Scepanski vs. Frances C. Scepanski.

Melvyn E. Kerr vs. Susan L. Kerr.

Crystal L. Harrod vs. Brian H. Harrod.

Walter E. Streyckmans vs. Laura L. Streyckmans.

Marriage license applications

John Perkins Marshall and Lyndl Kay Brawner, both of Brooksville.

Daniel Joe Bowles of Spring Hill and Yan Hui Cai of Kissimmee.

Harley Jay Rodriguez and Charity Lynn Via, both of Spring Hill.

Laurence John Pendulick, Jr. and Debra Ann Hager, both of Spring Hill.

Kevin Michael Champagne and Samantha Lynne Webb, both of Brooksville.

Rafael Narvaez and Renee Marissa Staffieri, both of Spring Hill.

Brian Michael Bohnsack and Tara Kay Nichols, both of Brooksville.

David Wayne Miller, Jr. and Stephanie Marie Barron, both of Spring Hill.

Roger Michael Ball and Lynette May Skeen, both of Spring Hill.

Randy Cowart and Bethany Susanne Perry, both of Brooksville.

Mathew Louis Repoza and Amy Gwyn Sharp, both of Spring Hill.

Carmine Christopher Castoria and Rebecca Lynn Phillips, both of Brooksville.

Steven Edward Keene and Shanon Elaine McCullough, both of Brooksville.

Anthony Steven Crescenzo and Christina Renee Miller, both of Brooksville.

James Charles Chisman and Michelle Denise Cannon, both of Brooksville.