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Q : Does Tennessee hate Florida any less because the Gators have not won a Southeastern Conference championship the past three seasons?

SPURRIER: I don't know if it's hatred. We've sort of worn that out. I think there's a mutual respect. We won it all in 1996. They won it all in 1998. When teams win on a consistent basis there's a mutual respect that kicks in. You can't stay mad at somebody all the time. We're just trying to concentrate on what it takes to beat the other guy.

Q : Do you like the trend toward more mobile, running quarterbacks?

SPURRIER: I think your quarterback has got to move around a little bit. It is very helpful if your quarterback can avoid a guy and make 5 or 6 yards if you have a bad pass play on. We don't ask ours to run a whole lot, but occasionally it would be good to see him dart up in there.

Q : What did you think of South Carolina's 21-10 victory against Georgia?

SPURRIER: I congratulate South Carolina on their big victory last week. They're contenders for the Eastern Division title, also. Usually, every year the Florida-Tennessee game, whoever wins it goes on in the East. But I'm not sure some of those other teams might not be fighting for it, like South Carolina.

Q : What do you think of Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight's firing?

SPURRIER: It's a tragic situation; very, very unfortunate. I know him a little bit. I played in a golf tournament one time where he was also playing, and when we recruited Rex Grossman we went by and watched practice. He didn't grab anybody. He was very polite that day I watched practice.