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Published Sep. 27, 2005

This is part of a series of weekly golf tips from club professionals in Citrus and Hernando counties. They will offer advice on everything from the mental game to equipment to nuts-and-bolts mechanics.

The Uphill Lie 1. Play the ball off the high foot (left if right-handed).

2. Arrange the shoulders and hips to line up parallel to the hill.

3. Lean into the hill with weight.

4. Swing down the hill on the backswing and up the hill on the forward swing.

5. Because it will be difficult getting the weight off the back foot, play for a high pull hook. Aim 15 to 20 yards right of your target.

6. Hit one more club than you think you need. Example: Use a 5-iron instead of a 6-iron.

7. Swing normally and try not to lose your balance down the hill.

_ Rob Lawson, head professional, Silverthorn Country Club

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