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Trail's new name not surprising at all

Published Sep. 27, 2005

Re: Trail honor surprises more than Marquis, Sept. 10 story.

According to the article, Bert Valery Jr. was surprised and unhappy that the Pinellas Trail is going to be renamed the Fred E. Marquis Pinellas Trail. In the article it is explained how "Pinellas County commissioners were positively giddy" on the evening of Aug. 29 when they announced their plan, which had been kept secret, to Mr. Marquis.

One has to remember that politicians of this generation are generally self-serving and it's pretty much "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Mr. Valery may be upset the trail was named after Mr. Marquis, because it was the loss of his son that set in motion the Pinellas Trail, with Mr. Marquis jumping on board after the process already had been set in motion.

There are many of us that are more than upset that the Penny for Pinellas was passed in the first place to finance the trail. The money is being spent on something that relatively few of us already overtaxed taxpayers even use.

Instead of renaming the trail after Mr. Marquis, the County Commission should have given him a gold watch with a fitting watch face: a Lincoln head penny!

Robert E. Guthrie, Seminole

Trail decision just shows officials still are out of touch

Let's see, naming the Pinellas Trail after Fred Marquis. Hmmm, no meeting on the issue, so good ol' Fred is surprised. Oops, some don't care for this. But according to our beloved county commissioners, Fred was hired for a job, paid well, moved up the ladder, retired younger than most (and I'm sure at a pension that is very attractive), so he should be honored for his long service.

But isn't that part of the deal when you take a job? Isn't that what we all do? I wonder what is going to be named after me.

The best part about Fred's story is that it proves that our elected officials continue to live in their never-never world. Wouldn't it be great if that world included us plain ol' everyday people _ you know, the ones that pay the freight?

Terry Tucker, Palm Harbor

There are other ways to honor people along Pinellas Trail

The bike trail name should remain the Pinellas Trail. Honor specific individuals by using names plates on water fountains, rest benches, etc.

Jim Evans, Belleair

Largo would definitely benefit

from downtown hotel

What downtown Largo needs is a good hotel or motel. With a good restaurant and retail stores on the main floor, it would be what they are looking for.

When I have guests come from out of town, I have no room to put them up. There is no nice place to put them up in Largo. I am sure business people doing business with Largo firms would like to stay nearby. When out-of-town speakers at the Largo Cultural Center come, where are they sent for the night?

Howard M. Jensen, Largo

Senior needs to hang up her car keys for safety's sake

As I write this letter, it has been nearly four hours since I was driving west on Walsingham Road in Largo. A pickup truck was in front of me. We were just approaching the intersection of Walsingham and Indian Rocks roads when the truck went into the left lane to go south.

You didn't see me behind the truck. I was doing the speed limit and you, my dear little old lady, were going east on Walsingham and decided to take a left to go north on Indian Rocks Road. You crawled through the intersection.

Drivers cannot turn through that intersection unless they have a green arrow. Then my traffic would have been at a standstill.

I had to slam on my brakes and honk the horn as my body flew into my window. I am writing this letter with torn muscles in my neck and shoulders, which in turn have given me a massive headache.

Some intersections show a green arrow when you are allowed to go. I could have been killed as well as you. It is time for you to stop driving.

Gisella Jurak, Largo