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Wildlife sanctuary needs money

Although the cats at Wildlife on Easy Street always look forward to mealtime, the situation may become more critical in the next few weeks if donation goals remain unmet.

"We had a very hot and dry summer in the beginning, and then several weekends we were rained out," said volunteer Matt Ruszczyk, 36, who has worked at the non-profit, big-cat sanctuary for the past year. "It really affected the turnout for tours."

To help raise the more than $1,000 required every day to feed the 150 abused and unwanted cougars, lions, leopards, panthers and other felines, Ruszczyk has offered to lead one additional tour of the facility Saturday at 4 p.m. There are regularly scheduled tours at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

The tour, open to groups of 12 people at least 10 years old, run two hours and will provide an inside look into the lives of the big cats, as well as close encounters with bobcats, servals and Siberian Lynxes. The charge is $20 per person.

For more information regarding Ruszczyk's tour, or any tours of the facility, call Wildlife on Easy Street at 920-4130. The sanctuary is off Gunn Highway, across from the Citrus Park Town Center, on Easy Street.


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