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New mom, widower among dead

Families, friends struggle to cope with the seven deaths.

Cheryl Troy loved animals and the ocean, adored her family and called her sister on Christmas to say so.

It was the last time they spoke.

Troy was one of seven people killed Tuesday morning, allegedly by Michael McDermott, in a shooting rampage at Edgewater Technology, the Internet consulting company where they worked.

Others killed included a widower father, a new mother just back from maternity leave, and a woman who would have celebrated her 49th birthday Wednesday.

Troy's sister, Paula Schmidt, said the killing was even more incomprehensible because Troy, 50, was so gentle.

"She was absolutely the nicest person that anyone could have known," Schmidt said. "She wouldn't have hurt anyone."

The other victims were identified as Jennifer Bragg Capobianco, 29, from marketing; Janice Hagerty, 46, the office manager from Stoneham; Louis A. Javelle, 58, of Nashua, N.H., director of consulting in the company's Manchester, N.H., office; Rose Manfredi, a payroll worker who would have been 49 on Wednesday; Paul Marceau, 36, of Melrose, a development technician; Cheryl Troy, human resources director; and Craig Wood, 29, of Haverhill, from human resources. Some hometowns were not immediately released.

Friends and relatives of the victims grappled with the tragedy.

Javelle's neighbor Michael Gentile said that Javelle had three sons and a daughter and that his wife, Joyce, had died several years ago. He described the family as very religious and private, though Javelle occasionally came over for Gentile's summer barbecues.

"They kept more to themselves after a while, though Lou used to sneak over here once in a while when we'd have parties and I'd give him a plate," Gentile said. "I don't know if Joyce ever caught him."

Javelle normally worked in the Manchester, N.H., office, but was visiting the Wakefield office Tuesday.

Janice Hagerty was usually Edgewater's office manager, but with much of the staff on vacation after the holiday, she was filling in as the receptionist.

Bragg Capobianco was married two years ago and was a new mother who worked in the marketing department. Just before Christmas, she returned from maternity leave after having her daughter, Eve.

Her upstairs neighbor and landlord, Wilma Wetterson, described Bragg Capobianco and her husband as an "ideal couple."

"They were very devoted to the baby and very excited," she told the Boston Herald.

Troy was single and enjoyed scuba diving and spending time at Manchester's Singing Beach, her sister said. She had three cats and many nieces and nephews. Her nickname was "Firecracker Baby" because she was born on the Fourth of July.

Above all, Schmidt said, Troy loved people, and wanted others to love her in return.

"I couldn't imagine anyone shooting her," Schmidt said. "I don't believe that he targeted her as person, because she was such a lovely person."