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Ambitious projects grow along with club

The more there is to do, the more people are needed to accomplish the tasks, and Jerry Myer is glad more people have stepped up to the plate.

The chairman of the Lutz Sertoma Club reported in July that 34 members would be listed during that month's official charter ceremony.

Today the club has grown almost 20 percent, to 40 active members.

"We're very excited the word has gotten out, and we always welcome new people," Myer said.

Recent projects have included participation in the July 4th parade and the Trash Bash, both held in Lutz. Members were also on board to help at the concert series held at Bullard Park, serving food and parking cars.

This past month the group was busily preparing a Christmas card to be displayed at Lutz's Christmas Card Lane, and began planning for a Gala Spring Lutz Festival to be held in April or early May. "That will be a big fundraiser for us," Myer said. "We want everybody to get out there and celebrate springtime."

Although the location has not been determined, Myer said a 10-member committee is searching up and down U.S. 41 to "find the right spot."

Plans include live country music and a '50s-'60s band. The entire event will be held in conjunction with Lutz Paint the Town.

"The purpose of this event is to have folks come out and listen to live bands and have a wonderful spring day in Lutz," Myer said. "We'll sell food and drinks, and that's how we'll make money."

Funds generated will go to Lutz-based charities.

"All of our energies are going into this right now, and with the size of the kind of festival we're planning, we're going to need a lot of active members," said Myer.

"I'd like to see us up to 60 active members by then or by the summer."