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Bush names his press secretary

Ari Fleischer's first assignment as incoming White House press secretary was to announce his own appointment Thursday, and to say he wouldn't answer any questions about it.

Fleischer, who served as Bush's transition team spokesman, has already gained a reputation among the Washington press corps as a sharply focused, unflappable voice for the campaign. He has served as the Washington insider on a campaign team of outsiders.

OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Three veterans of the previous Bush administration were named Thursday to key White House staff positions.

Joshua Bolten was named assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff for policy. Lewis Libby was named assistant to the president, chief of staff to the vice president and assistant to the vice president for national security affairs. David Addington was named counsel to the vice president.

Bush, Powell meet for dinner

WASHINGTON _ President-elect Bush and Colin Powell, his nominee to be secretary of state, met Thursday night for what an aide called "a working dinner."

The two ate in a private room at Morton's Steakhouse in downtown Washington.

Asked what he and Powell talked about, Bush said "foreign policy" as he left the restaurant after the 90-minute dinner.

Powell's son Michael is said to be among those Bush is considering for the post of Federal Communications Commission chairman. He is one of the five members of the current FCC.

Photographer enters party

BOCA GRANDE _ A newspaper photographer walked into a private party and got near President-elect George W. Bush without being stopped by security or the Secret Service, the newspaper reported in Thursday's edition.

Charlotte Sun-Herald photographer Jonathan Fredin managed to take several pictures of Bush at the event Wednesday before Bush himself confronted him.

"This is a private party _ no press allowed," Bush told Fredin.

A Secret Service spokesman in Washington said he was not familiar with the incident and could not comment Thursday.

"Security definitely can't be good if I can just walk by them," Fredin said.