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Icy weather continues to menace Plains states

Ice across the southern Plains stranded about 1,000 people on a slippery inclined stretch of highway in Texas, with some drivers shivering overnight in their cars until National Guardsmen in Humvees could rescue them Thursday.

Others found shelter for the night in the county jail or college dormitories.

Icy weather since the weekend has snapped tree limbs and knocked out power to more than a half-million homes and businesses in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Police blamed 32 deaths on the storm: 22 in Texas, five in Oklahoma, four in New Mexico and one in Missouri.

A second storm to the north caused at least one death and sent snow falling at an inch per hour in parts of North Dakota and Minnesota on Thursday. Fargo, N.D., had received six inches by mid morning.

In Phillips, Neb., a Greyhound bus rolled over on Interstate 80, injuring 33 people. No life-threatening injuries were reported.

In Arkansas, hundreds of broken magnolias littered roads, and tens of thousands of people shivered without electricity as freezing rain fell again Thursday.

In President Clinton's hometown of Hope, the bank, lacking electricity, did business the old-fashioned way _ "cashing checks for the people you know," Mayor Dennis Ramsey said.

Ramsey said a tornado would have cut a smaller path of damage. "I've never seen anything like this. I'd take a tornado any day," he said.