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And on June 5,

Alien Autopsy Night

In a cry for attention, Las Vegas' Triple-A baseball team is changing its name from the Stars to the 51s _ as in Area 51, the alleged/legendary top-secret test site in the Nevada desert rumored to be the location of captured UFO spacecraft and aliens. "We figured if we get a cease-and-desist order from the government we'll really make news," team creative director Aaron Artman said. Well, the truth still is out there. "The official position is that there is a classified operating location near Groom Dry Lake," said Lt. Col. Joan Ferguson, spokeswoman at Nellis Air Force Base. "We simply do not discuss those activities. The Air Force has never officially had an Area 51."

Jack Nicholson's seat

reserved for the Rev.

The Great Western Forum, former home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings, is expected to be sold to a church today. The 11,000-member Faithful Central Bible Church will move its Sunday services to the 17,500-seat arena in Inglewood from a converted warehouse. The Forum will book sporting events, concerts and other attractions during the week. Can't wait for that first Saturday night Eminem concert.


"What was disappointing was that after two periods, he had three times as many points as me, and he's been out for 3{ years."


Penguins defenseman (0 goals, 1 assist this season) on the return of teammate Mario Lemieux, and possibly truly worried given that Lemieux also signs his paycheck