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Winter Haven man shot in his bed

An intruder broke into his condo and killed him as his wife lay next to him, police say.

A Winter Haven business owner was awakened by an intruder late Wednesday and shot to death in his bed before he could respond to the assailant's demands, police said.

James E. Kehoe, 53, of the Winter Ridge condominium community, was shot twice with a handgun.

Police said the intruder got into James and Barbara Kehoe's condo by cutting through a porch screen and came into the couple's bedroom.

At 11:32 p.m. Barbara Kehoe, 51, called 911. "My husband's been shot," she told the dispatcher. "Oh, my God! Somebody's come in while we were sleeping and shot us."

Barbara Kehoe was not shot, police said. She later told detectives the assailant said only, "Give me your . . . " then shot her husband in the darkened room as he started to sit up in bed.

James Kehoe was rushed by paramedics to Winter Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

His 78-year-old mother, Norma Kehoe of Baltimore, who was visiting for Christmas, was in another bedroom. She was not harmed.

Kehoe's wife wasn't able to give detectives a description of the assailant, police said.

Dogs from the Winter Haven Police Department and the Sheriff's Office attempted to track a scent through a nearby orange grove early Thursday, police Chief David Romine said. They lost the scent in a public housing development south of the Kehoes' home.

Police records show there have been at least four other burglaries in Winter Ridge, including one in which a resident chased someone from his home at 3 a.m. Oct. 28.