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Gators stay quiet after fight on Bourbon Street

Even without disciplinary action after the altercation between Florida and Miami players, talk continues about Wednesday evening's events on Bourbon Street.

"I think any time you play a team that is a little closer, there are bragging rights involved," Florida quarterback Rex Grossman said. "It's a big game for a lot of reasons. It adds a little bit of excitement and shows how much intensities are in this game."

Few of the players admit being there for the fight, and even fewer would discuss it. Gator safety Todd Johnson said he was told defensive linemen Alex Brown and Gerard Warren tried to protect their teammates and would not comment further.

Because of the scuffle, there could be even more excitement for Tuesday's Sugar Bowl.

"I mean it could turn ugly," Florida defensive tackle Derrick Chambers said. "We are going to approach from the idea of playing the game. Fighting and stuff is not really going to determine the game. I'm sure there is going to be some shoving involved just because of some things that happened off the field."

Chambers said he also received eyewitness accounts but was not present.

"I wasn't there so I don't know that much," Chambers said. "I guess there was some shoving and pushing around and things got a little out of hand. There was just intensity and emotion. Sometimes things like that happen."

RUMORS: Once again, Florida coach Steve Spurrier denied published reports he was considering coaching the Washington Redskins.

"I have no interest anywhere but trying to keep my job with Florida," Spurrier said.

The Washington Post still is reporting owner Dan Snyder is considering Spurrier for the job.

While Spurrier was dealing with rumors about the Redskins, Gator freshman quarterback Brock Berlin said he is not considering a transfer.

Berlin came in highly touted but has played in four of 12 games this season.

"It's not real. I haven't said anything about transferring," Berlin said. "I have been so busy this year competing and learning that it hasn't really come into my mind."

Berlin added the season had been frustrating knowing he could not redshirt even though he knew he would not play much.

"It would have been a dream to play in (the Superdome) this year," Berlin said. "But it didn't work out. So, maybe another time."

GATOR INJURIES: Wide receiver Jabar Gaffney and offensive lineman Max Starks sprained their knees in practice in the Superdome on Friday morning. Safety Daryl Dixon also twisted his ankle and left the field on crutches.

Spurrier said neither Gaffney's nor Stark's injury was serious. He was not sure if the injuries were caused by the AstroTurf.

"It's always a danger," Spurrier said. "We would prefer not to (practice on it). We may not come in here again."

Defensive lineman Warren (left knee), Brown (right ankle) and Buck Gurley (right ankle) are listed as probable for Tuesday's game. Fullback Rod Frasier (left ankle) and tailback Robert Gillespie (right knee) are questionable.

THE BIG EASY: This is the first trip to New Orleans for many Hurricanes, and they're taking in the sights, sounds and tastes.

"This is definitely a place you can get into a lot of trouble," tackle Joaquin Gonzalez said.

Receiver Santana Moss said he has avoided Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, but he did make a trip to Harrah's Casino a few blocks from the team hotel.

"I left with a little more in my pocket," Moss said.

Moss said he doesn't "even want to see Bourbon Street. I've got business to take care of."

Moss, 5-10, 180, said he also has been avoiding the fine dining for another famous New Orleans restaurant: "I've been eating at Popeye's Chicken. You can't beat it. A guy like me doesn't need a lot to eat. Couple of wings fills me up. My last bill came out to $6."