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Drivers caught in their own traffic

Re: City sprawl reaches far into wallets, Dec. 13.

I'm having a tough time coughing up any sympathy for those poor Tampa Bay area drivers profiled in this story on the price of urban sprawl.

For any of those drivers to complain about the traffic is laughable; they are the traffic.

I live 3 miles from the office and commute by bicycle. The closeness was a matter of luck, the bicycle a matter of choice. Tired of your daily commute to the office? Move closer to work or get a job close to home. Problem solved.

Instead of expecting the local highway departments to fix roads like U.S. 19 (that aren't broken), maybe we should do something about lessening the traffic. Maybe some sensible personal planning is in order, before gas prices go through the roof. Are you smart enough and brave enough to stop spending the bulk of your life stuck in your car, complaining?

Of course, it's just a suggestion. You don't have to move or get a new job. You are, after all, free. Free to make those car payments, that insurance payment and to keep that tank filled. Free to be stuck in that monotonous, noxious, dangerous traffic for all of those hours every day and free to share the road with the driver quoted as saying, "There are times when I literally fall asleep at the wheel." Oh, yeah, that sounds like freedom to me.

Chip Haynes, Clearwater