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Parrot had clean shot at fame, if only ...

Bubba could have been a star, but his owner, Jasmina Fischer, refuses to sell out.

After Bubba, the African gray parrot accused of spouting profanity from his perch on Fischer's balcony, appeared in Neighborhood Times and then Comedy Central's The Daily Show, he had a shot at the big time.

"I had an offer from the Tonight Show and Jay Leno, but one of the conditions was that I should videotape Bubba hopefully talking dirty," said Fischer, whose parrot drew the ire of city officials after neighbors complained of his screeching, obnoxious talk and foul language. "I said, "I don't think I'd be able to do it because, really, he doesn't use those words.' "

Bubba lives on Fischer's screened-in balcony, with a parrot jungle gym and a bird's-eye view of the water. Below his perch at the condominium, however, is the swimming pool of the neighboring Faylore Apartments, where some residents complained bitterly about Bubba's cat-calling and even foul language.

One resident claimed Bubba screeched: "Shut the f_- up, you son of a b__." Fischer says that if Bubba ever learned that phrase, it's because someone at the pool below shouted it to him.

"They probably made it up or they tried to teach it to him," Fischer said. "I could probably teach him myself, but it just wouldn't be right."

City officials say the complaints have stopped in the past few months, possibly because one of Bubba's most ardent critics moved out of the apartments.

At one point, Bubba faced eviction from his perch if the city could not find a way to rectify the problem.

"It seems to have fallen off the face of the earth," said Philip Charnock, director of community improvement in South Pasadena. "I have not heard about Mr. Bubba in a long time. No news is good news."