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Police seek suspect in holdups

Police say they think they can link a string of driveway robberies in the past week to one man.

In five robberies since Dec. 23, a man carrying a gun has approached victims either leaving, arriving or standing near the driveway of their homes.

In a robbery at 7:05 p.m., Thursday, Kathleen Nalbach, 46, and her 83-year-old father, Robert Starke, had just arrived at his house in the 4600 block of 27th Avenue N after eating dinner at Kissin Cuzzins on 34th Street N.

"They think this guy followed us home from there," Nalbach said. The man blocked the driveway and demanded money from both of them. Nalbach told the man she didn't have a purse. Her father pulled out nearly $100 from his wallet and handed it over. The man then shoved Starke and hit him with the gun, fracturing Starke's neck, according to Nalbach.

Just minutes after that robbery, Angela Osgood, 29, was unloading groceries about 7:20 p.m. from her car in the 5400 block of Fourth Avenue S, when a man pulled up in a dark two-door Oldsmobile Cutlass.

He stole Osgood's purse with $1 in it, snatched the necklace she was wearing and took her cell phone, Police Department spokesman Dan Bates said.

Officers have posted nearly 500 fliers in the neighborhoods warning residents about the robber.

The suspect is described as a black man nearly 6 feet tall and weighing between 185 and 190 pounds. Victims say the man is in his mid 20s. He was last seen in a dark two-door Oldsmobile Cutlass.

St. Petersburg police think that the same man may have committed an armed robbery of a Pinellas County sheriff's deputy and his wife Tuesday. The other two robberies occurred Dec. 23.

Police ask anyone with information to call (727) 893-7780.